Fridays are back

I stopped writing my usual Friday Blog a while ago and I had so many people asking me to start it again. Super happy to see how many of you guys enjoyed my Friday series- hence *drum rolls* they’re back!

Starting with some updates from Mother’s day- Nayel and I enjoyed lovely breakfast at Sophie’s cafe hosted by Real mums Dubai- I specially bought a new dress from ‘Pink woman’ to wear 😛

Next was my Birthday and our wedding anniversary- and we spent a entire day at home cleaning and relaxing. Being parents to a 2 year old- we kept trying for him to sleep or be in a good mood, but sadly nothing helped. So we ended by eating a regular persian kabab and rice in Dubai mall as Nayel loves that🤣

– but something good- I got an Apple watch! *showing off* – say MashAllah atleast 3 Times 😛😛

Friday’s were usual – trip to dada abu house in Sharjah. Relaxed and completed my pending blog posts – also attended a family friend’s baby shower while daddy took care of Nayel.

New House settling is still going on and slow, lots to do! Please write and let me know what would you like to read more from our side.



Hello mellow people! It’s Friday! ❤️- Yes I thought I’d be sleeping a little longer today but just like every other working weekday, I was up at 6:30 am. Nayel’s sound asleep next to me- so I’m thinking to grab a cup of chaye to kick start the day!

The week began with enveloping this beautiful Pashmina shawl that Huzaifa got for me from his 3 day trip to Pakistan. He went for a friend’s wedding with his gang and travelled to 6 cities by road all the way up to Naran – the Notheren beauty of Pakistan. Boys are crazy! This shawl is a hand made piece from Naran 😍- very soft and light.

It was Pakistan’s independence day on the 14th – and we celebrated it in a fun way! If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know all the details about it! If you don’t- join me now @frommummytonayel ❤️. My cousins and sister here in Dubai with our kids, all got dressed up in green. We had an amazing time at the Castello Restaurant. The patriotic ambiance and the food- both were great!

I got a chance to flaunt my Azadi bag from @womaniyadesigns for Pakistan’s 70th 🇵🇰.

That was my favorite chicken tikka boti at Castello Restaurant. It was served with some koyla dhuwan ( coal bbq smoke).

I have been craving meetha (sweets) alot! No No , I’m not pregnant lol- It’s just some working mama hormones. I tried this Chocolate chip cookie jar from spinneys- I won’t say they’re a super hit, but a good •8 aed• munch to have with chaye ☕️. I still love my homemade ones more. I think I’ll bake them this weekend.

But the packing is so cute! That it what actually tempted me to grab one jar!- so cute 💜

Nayel’s been cooperating well with my new routine. Allhamdullilah.

He’s been waking up with me in the morning and we drop him at my sisters place- where after having breakfast he naps until noon! Which is great. Except this week – where his grandparents volunteered to come over and spend time with Nayel for two days! It was such a nice thing! Nayel really had fun playing and bossing them around while mama was at work. Not to forget, I loved coming home to garam garam khana (lunch)made by Nayel’s dadijan❤️❤️❤️

Meanwhile -my works been really busy! I love being in classroom once again! I’m just working for the next two weeks more and then back to being a home- mama. We’ll get back to play date sessions and mummy blog events very soon! 😍

Have a great weekend everyone!

Eat. Pray . Sleep- most importantly spend time with your family! 💜