Pjs all day!

I posted this comforting quote that reflects me and all the mommies a few days back and it connected me to such a cute brand! Three cheers for ‘

‘Peach Blossoms!’

As I write this post, I’m sitting in their cute ‘floral fancy pajamas’ sipping my tea. Yes they have names for all their prints! The material is soft cotton which is a leisure to skin. I’m wearing their small size and the best part, it’s not fitted! There’s a lot of room to breathe and looks stylish at the same time! I like lounge wear to be loose and easy! The stitching is very neat with detailed pipping all around. Oh there’s a cute pocket too! 😍

Peach blossom bring you cozy , fun and comfy/ night-wears and lounge wears with super funky prints and designs.

The label is a niche of comfort! I love brands that have a story behind- a personal one perhaps and thus I’m happy to share with you the thought behind Peach blossom.

The brand says that they came up with the concept out of the frustration! So the woman behind it says:

I personally felt whenever I would be out in the malls looking for comfortable lounge wear for myself, I always felt that I had to compromise between either boring, tacky pajama suits or riské lingerie. And while there are a few limited options from some retailers, the variety is often limited or very price inhibitive.

Peach Blossom is the lounge wear for the fun-loving, cozy tea-drinking, relaxed Friday-morning women aged 18 to 45 who like to look good even on their “Me” days and feel comfortable in what they’ve got on.

Isn’t that great!!

All Peach Blossom products are proudly made here in the U.A.E. They have been online for just a couple of weeks so far with new collections/prints/styles rolling out every couple of weeks.

And guess what! I’m giving my followers a 10%discount too!! So hurry to the site and use the code : frommummytonayel to grab your favorite pajama set !

You can find them on social medias:

Instagram: wearpeachblossom


FB: wearpeachblossom

Website: www.wearpeachblossom.com

Enter the giveaway at my instagram too! :


Go and orders your!

7 things under 20 dirhams that I love in the UAE 🇦🇪 

Disclaimer- Please do not think this as a usual tourism blog as I will be sharing my utimate favorite things I love as an expat here in the UAE!

I have been living in the UAE for about 8 years now- a little break in between though’, and its my home- a place I simply love for so so many good reasons. But this blog is a pick of few unusual things that are so worth while to try here ! Check them out :

1. Lgaimat :

These are swet dumplings coated with date syrup ! A traditional Emirati sweet. It’s an Arabic word that means ‘bite sized’. They’re crunchy on the outside and soft and airy from the inside. You guys have to try these if you’re youre in Dubai-  the best place nowadays is Global Village!

Here’s one easy to try recipe: https://www.google.ae/amp/s/tasteofemarat.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/lgeimat/amp/

Also if I’m craving them too much, I just use this dumpling mix and make them at home. 😋

2. Shawarmas! 
All time favorite and a must. A good good shawarma. Mine needs to be oozing with lots of garlic, fries and mukhalal on side( pickle) yum!! I’m finding it hard to get a good shwarma in Dubai besides Automatic. In Sharjah however there are plenty option; you have to try Laffah, Mazzrah Cafeteria ( near Rolla Shj) – basically nywhere 🤪. For just 5-8 aed 💕💕 a good tummy-faction!

3. Arabian Henna! No Eid or special occasion is incomplete without this! I loveeee the traditional Arabic Henna patters as they’re bold and beautiful. You will always find a lady applying this for you in a mall or a desert safari camp! Global village, Saloons, Bastakiya- plenty option. I also had a black henna once, but wouldn’t recommend it as it’s very harmful. The red/brown one is the best.

4. Karak Chaye:

Cafeterias on the roadside sells a nerve kicking cup of karak chai for 1 aed. Actually in Jumeirah for 10 aed 😂. That’s why I love Northern emirates of UAE😋. All our long drives, beach walks, stop overs and sisters day out – this is a super must. They also have green tea and Sulemani Chai which we take on after-dinner drives.

6. Twisted Fries on stick!

Okay I might sound a little silly but I first had them at Qasba in Sharjah at a fun fair. They insert a grilling stick in a potato and cut it making a spiral kind of shape and deep fry until golden! Then you choose a flavour masala to be sprinkled over and yum yum enjoy! ( almost salivating and 🤤)

7. Harees:

A must in Ramadan here in the UAE, a hot porridge kind- blend of ground wheat and meat. It’s not spicy at all but so so healthy and yummy!

=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/img_1847.jpg”> Taken from google. I didn’t have a nice one![/capti

Which one is your favorite from these? Please leave me a comment and tell me what am I missing here in the UAE. Would love to try!

This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Blog Hop for UAE’s National Day on December 2.

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Handmade with Felt and lots of Love..

When buying from a handmaker, you’re buying more than just an object. You’re buying 100’s of hours of failure and experimention. You’re buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments or pure joy! You aren’t buying a thing, you’re buying a piece of heart, part of soul and a moment of someone’s life.

If you ask me three reasons why should someone buy handmade? I’d say:
💜Handmade is made with love.
💜Handmade is made with care.
💜Handmade is made just for you

My new inspirational mummy is Aarti from @Megan’s world- A mum to two ,juggling motherhood and her dreams by running her small hand-made personalized felt books and toys business from home.

She sent me a few goodies for Nayel and my niece Haya and I am totally aww-ing over those!!

They’re made out of felt, super neat and made with so much effort! The colors are vibrant and each detail is creatively done.

Read all about her and Megan’s world right here!

1) Can you tell us something about yourself?

 I moved to Dubai in 2008, and have made Dubai my home since then, I am happily married and blessed with two adorable girls. They are my inspiration like most other crafty moms ! I have always loved craft. As a child, I would love spending time in craft stores, buying colourful paper and paints even before knowing what I was going to do with it. Imagine the expense!😊 But then, life took over. I got busy with studies and a career I have worked in the Oil and Gas Industry as an HR Specialist for over 8 years. I am now a stay-at home mum who enjoys juggling between kids and crafting. I constantly make attempts to do something new everyday, whether it is just research, crafting or finding new activities to keep my little toddlers busy through the day!

ref=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/img_1701.jpg”> Gorgeous Aarti with her cute daughter Megan❤️❤️[/capt

2) What is Megan’s World all about?

 Megan’s world is all about handmade personalized toys, books and nursery décor. I am very passionate about every little thing I create. I look forward to the smiles of my little clients and encouraging feedback from their parents and friends. Todays kids have modern day distractions – TV , IPads, Smart phones etc. I wanted to find different crafty and fun ways to keep kids busy. There is a lot of variety of toys and books in the market today. But when it is handmade and personalized, it becomes a keepsake and stays special, at least to me!

3) How do you manage your amazing work with home and your kids?

Motherhood is all about learning that things don’t go as planned. Its realizing that the only control we have in our life is over our own reactions and nothing else. Its realizing that we cannot control our kids or force them to do anything they really don’t want to do. Its learning to let go. Motherhood is a mess and I choose to embrace it. Juggling between crafting and feeds and diaper changes isn’t easy! Since my work is really time consuming with needles and sharp tools around, I choose to work during nap times 😊

4) What made you start your little project/ Megan’s World?

Transaction from the corporate world to a stay-at-home mum wasn’t easy. Other than taking care of my kids (which is a task in itself), I wanted to create something new, something colourful that my kids would love. That’s when I went right back to craft! I love making things with felt! It is available in such gorgeous colours, it is durable, easy to sow on and I could make a variety of toys and nursery décor! That’s when Megan’s World was born. I began with a small project for my daughter Megan, and some of my friends saw it and loved it so much, they suggested I should try and sell it! It took off really well and I am so thrilled about it!

5) What are some of the products you design? How are they different?

I make personalized toys, books and nursery décor. What makes it different is that its handmade, durable and safe for kids. Its a very interesting way for pre-schoolers to learn basic stuff like numbers, shapes, hand eye coordination activities. Since they are personalized, they become excellent keepsakes, and unique gifts for birthdays, christening, new parents. the list goes on!

6) What message would you like to give to other fellow mums?

Lets embrace every moment because before we know it, our little brats will soon be adults making choices of their own!

You can find her on Facebook and instagram by @Megan’s world. They aren’t very costly and are done with utmost love. Support local. Support handmade ❤️

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/megansworldstore/


I hope you’re enjoying my inspirational mums series and are getting inspired too! Nothing is impossble. Everyone starts from some where. So could you. I’d really appreciate your feedback and comments so please leave me one to show your love 💕. Until next time with another amazing and inspiring mum!

The Friday Times

A very happy new Islamic year to all of you! May this new year be a bouquet of happiness, success and abundance of health for all of us! Ameen.

Sharjah is just love. I enjoy this city way more than Dubai. The walks on the corniche and Qasba are so much easier and calmer than the fast life in Dubai. I enjoy everything in this city other than the traffic🙈 which is the ONLY reason we moved to Dubai. But Allhamdullilah , we still get to visit here every weekend💕! Nayel and I had a casual 10 minutes stroll last night to a coffee shop nearby for a short mummy baby friends meet up. It was such a refreshing one hour with Anum , until Nayel pooped and I didn’t have his diaper bag🙈. That’s the benefit of hanging out with friends with same age kids, as Anam like a good mom did have a spare pamper that Nayel was changed into😋. Other than that both our kids played together which was great! I really need such playdates more often to get Nayel a little social. Flash-backing this week, very much at home 🏡. Hosted a family dinner on Wednesday which was a fun time. Read my previous blog to know how I managed to host it all alone with Nayel : https://frommummytonayel.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/how-i-manage-hosting-a-dinner-party-at-my-place-with-a-1-5-year-old-%f0%9f%92%95/How under construction of food really looks like.. caffeine dose to keep me going..Nayel’s grandparents returned from Pakistan after almost 2 weeks therefore we’re staying over at their place in Sharjah this weekend. Which means lots of Nayel fun and spoiling- and relaxing rest time for me😌 (booked a beauty saloon’s appointment already for a pedicure later today!) 😍
real. This cat permanently now sits outside dada bu’s house for Nayel- atleast looks like so. Or did dada abu paid this cat to see Nayel’s excitement? Hmmm ..😋😋 Have a blessed Friday- make dheer sari duas for us too. ❤️❤️