Sneak Peak into Xpark Junior!

Slides, swings, pets and water fun- you name it and you’ll find it all at a super cute new place in Dubai called Xpark Junior . It’s located just off the Kite Beach Dubai and is a lovely new place for little ones.

Making the most of the last few cool days here in Dubai before it gets terribly hot, I wanted to take Nayel for outdoor play, so I grabbed my phone and instantly opened kidzapp. That’s how I found Xpark Jr and got super excited! Come let me take you through Xpark Junior via a quick tour!

•What is Xpark Jr?

It’s the latest adventure spot for children aged 1-12 along with their parents / guardians. A natural playscape park with activities.

How is X park Jr different from any other park?

It’s a unique one. From running to climbing, from jumping to swinging, from petting to splashing- and much much more. It’s a park having thick green trees that envelop the entire area, water channels flowing on the sides, wooden bridges and ropes to get adventurous with slides and swings to add more to it! Rocks, sandpits , tree houses and wooden dens making it all look like a jungle theme or safari kind perhaps! ❤️

Some of the main highlights

1. A cute small petting zoo with bunnies, parrots, tortoise and chickens! ( a pony and some more birds to arrive soon!)

2. Splash pads– these were Nayel’s favorite of all , ofcourse after those rabbits! Running water and a small water fall along with lots of toys scattered around for kids to get wet in and play. Perfect for hot summer days!

How much does the ticket cost?

XPark Junior is open every day from 8am to 6pm, and admission costs Dh45 for a child and one adult for two hours of free play. Opening hours will change during summer months; visit

The way the park has been designed allows children to let their imaginations run riot, to gradually build their confidence levels and take what its owners describe as “healthy risks”. kevin Hackett

Other than all the play and adventure, X park offers art and crafts in a lovely indoor place with high ceilings and fans giving it a natural look. Nayel was so busy in running and enjoying the water fun that he couldn’t get time for that!

There is also a nice cafe kind of area where you can grab a snack or a juice to relax while kids enjoy outside.

Moreover- Nice and clean toilets for boys and girls separately to change and freshen up!

Things I’d recommend:

1- Pack an extra pair of clothes/ swimwear , towel and a sunscreen as hot days stand strong ahead!

2- Carry your flip flops and dress light to be able to enjoy with your kiddos.

3- Charge your phone for lovely pictures around!

4- Go around 4 pm or after when it’s not very sunny to make the most of it.

5. Be with your child ‘ALL’ the time- the park requires adult supervision as places have sharp ends, water area with slippery rocks and climbing around alone by kids is hard. It’s a lovely adventurous park to be explored together !

Nayel and I had a lovely time at X park Junior. It’s definitely the new kind of ‘safe play’ for little ones. It’s a special place- all and all about messy carefree fun! What are you waiting for , head to X park junior before it gets way too hot! And don’t forget to give our big ‘Hi’ to Mr bunny!

Pjs all day!

I posted this comforting quote that reflects me and all the mommies a few days back and it connected me to such a cute brand! Three cheers for ‘

‘Peach Blossoms!’

As I write this post, I’m sitting in their cute ‘floral fancy pajamas’ sipping my tea. Yes they have names for all their prints! The material is soft cotton which is a leisure to skin. I’m wearing their small size and the best part, it’s not fitted! There’s a lot of room to breathe and looks stylish at the same time! I like lounge wear to be loose and easy! The stitching is very neat with detailed pipping all around. Oh there’s a cute pocket too! 😍

Peach blossom bring you cozy , fun and comfy/ night-wears and lounge wears with super funky prints and designs.

The label is a niche of comfort! I love brands that have a story behind- a personal one perhaps and thus I’m happy to share with you the thought behind Peach blossom.

The brand says that they came up with the concept out of the frustration! So the woman behind it says:

I personally felt whenever I would be out in the malls looking for comfortable lounge wear for myself, I always felt that I had to compromise between either boring, tacky pajama suits or riské lingerie. And while there are a few limited options from some retailers, the variety is often limited or very price inhibitive.

Peach Blossom is the lounge wear for the fun-loving, cozy tea-drinking, relaxed Friday-morning women aged 18 to 45 who like to look good even on their “Me” days and feel comfortable in what they’ve got on.

Isn’t that great!!

All Peach Blossom products are proudly made here in the U.A.E. They have been online for just a couple of weeks so far with new collections/prints/styles rolling out every couple of weeks.

And guess what! I’m giving my followers a 10%discount too!! So hurry to the site and use the code : frommummytonayel to grab your favorite pajama set !

You can find them on social medias:

Instagram: wearpeachblossom

FB: wearpeachblossom


Enter the giveaway at my instagram too! :

Go and orders your!

Exploring Jabel Jais – through my eyes.

This week was a very hectic yet super fun kind. Nayel’s daddy had taken off the entire week so we had a good relaxing family time! Alhamdullilah!

So on Tuesday we picked Nayel’s grand parents and drove all the way up to Jabel Jais.

For those who don’t know what it is- Jabel Jais is the highest mountain in the UAE which is about 1,925 m or 6,315 feet. Jebel Jais is located in the mountain ranges of the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, near the UAE-Oman Border.

Luckily we got our jackets and a warm cap for N as it was 19 degrees up there!

The drive was super beautiful and very peaceful! Thank god we went on a weekday. Weekends are super packed and jammed as everyone wants to drive there for views, bbq and family get togethers.

On our way up there, we stopped by a small mosque in the mountains for Asr namaz. It was so nice and soul- refreshing to pray in between mountains.

We did keep Nayel’s car seat in Dada abu’s car otherwise its too hard to handle him! And dangerous too. Chit chating and munching on to some Mc donalds fries on our way made the drive very enjoyable.

The drive up to the peak is stunning. Especially in day light with rugged desert mountains on sides and breath taking views of mountains around.The road there is said to be one of the best one in the UAE to drive on! So if you want to drive your new car or have some romantic time 😉 – this is where you should be!

It might be a bit of a challenge if you are traveling at night or in early morning because there are no road lights along the way. Numerous animal crossing signs can also be found – so better be careful.

Reaching right up to the top my body started looking and craving a good hot chaye and guess what! I was so happy to find a local cafeteria for garam garam chaye! 😍😍. For 5 dhs a cup, our trip got even more worthwhile! 😉

Nayel ran around and played in the area which is covered with fences and is pretty safe. You would find washrooms quiet easily around up there so its an excellent spot of camping!

href=””> Washrooms up there. Neat ones ![/

We set up our chairs and a small table , bought some popcorns from the chaye shop and enjoyed the stunning views around.

href=””> My superman who does it all! While I stroll around taking pictures for my blog ;)[/

The weather was chilly and windy. And at sunset time- spectacular views.

After enjoying our chaye  snacks, and taking nice pictures, we drove back down, stopped by the little beautiful mosque again for maghrib namaz and then back home.

A day very well spend!

Some important to – do’s for you if you’re planning a trip up there.

1. Wear comfortable shoes to explore mountains around.

2. You can easily camp, bbq and have a nice picnic up there! Be extremely careful of the garbage disposal as there are hefty fines for making a mess.

3. Toilets are easily accessible.

4. If you’re planning to travel hassle free, you will find local 2-3 shops up there for tea and snacks. A little costly though.

5. Carry warm wear for kids and yourself too as it gets chilly up there.

6. Charge your camers! Be ready for photography 💕

7. Signals are easily accessible in most areas, so your phones will work.

Use the winter time in the UAE to explire Jabel Jais. I’m sure you will love it.

Do share your experiences and any more tips that could help others! x

7 things under 20 dirhams that I love in the UAE 🇦🇪 

Disclaimer- Please do not think this as a usual tourism blog as I will be sharing my utimate favorite things I love as an expat here in the UAE!

I have been living in the UAE for about 8 years now- a little break in between though’, and its my home- a place I simply love for so so many good reasons. But this blog is a pick of few unusual things that are so worth while to try here ! Check them out :

1. Lgaimat :

These are swet dumplings coated with date syrup ! A traditional Emirati sweet. It’s an Arabic word that means ‘bite sized’. They’re crunchy on the outside and soft and airy from the inside. You guys have to try these if you’re youre in Dubai-  the best place nowadays is Global Village!

Here’s one easy to try recipe:

Also if I’m craving them too much, I just use this dumpling mix and make them at home. 😋

2. Shawarmas! 
All time favorite and a must. A good good shawarma. Mine needs to be oozing with lots of garlic, fries and mukhalal on side( pickle) yum!! I’m finding it hard to get a good shwarma in Dubai besides Automatic. In Sharjah however there are plenty option; you have to try Laffah, Mazzrah Cafeteria ( near Rolla Shj) – basically nywhere 🤪. For just 5-8 aed 💕💕 a good tummy-faction!

3. Arabian Henna! No Eid or special occasion is incomplete without this! I loveeee the traditional Arabic Henna patters as they’re bold and beautiful. You will always find a lady applying this for you in a mall or a desert safari camp! Global village, Saloons, Bastakiya- plenty option. I also had a black henna once, but wouldn’t recommend it as it’s very harmful. The red/brown one is the best.

4. Karak Chaye:

Cafeterias on the roadside sells a nerve kicking cup of karak chai for 1 aed. Actually in Jumeirah for 10 aed 😂. That’s why I love Northern emirates of UAE😋. All our long drives, beach walks, stop overs and sisters day out – this is a super must. They also have green tea and Sulemani Chai which we take on after-dinner drives.

6. Twisted Fries on stick!

Okay I might sound a little silly but I first had them at Qasba in Sharjah at a fun fair. They insert a grilling stick in a potato and cut it making a spiral kind of shape and deep fry until golden! Then you choose a flavour masala to be sprinkled over and yum yum enjoy! ( almost salivating and 🤤)

7. Harees:

A must in Ramadan here in the UAE, a hot porridge kind- blend of ground wheat and meat. It’s not spicy at all but so so healthy and yummy!

=””> Taken from google. I didn’t have a nice one![/capti

Which one is your favorite from these? Please leave me a comment and tell me what am I missing here in the UAE. Would love to try!

This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Blog Hop for UAE’s National Day on December 2.

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After a week long of events and activities it’s Friday finally to relax and rewind. Though , I do have one place to visit today- one of favorite spots as a reading mama-‘ Sharjah Book festival’ at the expo centre today !inshAllah! Will keep you with me via instastories. 

It was Pink October – breast cancer awarness month, hence all events were mainly based on that theme. We were invited over for scrumptious breakfast and goodies , informative doctor sessions and lovely mum meet ups. I’m kind of enjoying ‘blogger mama’ life! Alhamdullilah!

The highlight of the week was definitely Nayel’s play date with my school friends’s son- Shaan! Both are 2 weeks apart and super similar. It was such a fun play time for them as they enjoyed running around and most of all playing with kitchen pans!

This Ipad loving toddler that you see down here was the super model at mama’s event. Can’t wait to share some of his model posing clicks! – P.S – please don’t judge me, ipad saves my life on every single event and date with his daddy. Because of those cartoons and rhymes in there, we get to spend some ‘us time’ and socialize a little bit 😂- I might forget my handbag now, but never ever his blue friend( the ipad☺️)

A new thing that I have learnt and have started implementing: I take away every single piece of bread that is a left over on our table when we eat out. I bring it home and feed my birdies! ( so many wait for a three course meal every day! 😍😍) Otherwise it’s usually dumped away by the restaurant. This helps me feel better and happy for not wasting it atleast 🙂 

We visited this new beach in Dubai called La mer, and oh my god! If you’re in Dubai, you have to go here! More to follow soon on my next blog! It was a beautiful evening, mummy and Nayel enjoyed so much! We ate some lemon and almond cake with hot mugs ( yes 2) of cappuccino by the beach 🏖. A must place to visit with kids as they get to run around and explore some swings nearby ❤️

Have a great chilax Friday people!!