Gymtastic Time at My Gym

What an experience Nayel and Mummy had last week at My Gym! It’s a children fitness centre that has programs to facilitate kids from 3 month old to about 13 years old.

I wanted to have a structured physical activity for Nayel and Kidzapp helped me choose ‘My Gym’ for him. We booked a day session and walked in about 10 am. A clean place with different rooms for activities. Currently they’re running their Spring and Easter camps offering Arts n crafts, My Gym fitness, dance classes, Zumba, yoga , cooking and many more.

I wanted to experience their classic- Gyming Time – hence we headed into their gym studio.

A huge indoor room with different sections- a coloured ball pit, soft flooring, slides, swings, trampoline and different bars around along with an extra empty space where they host classes.

As a parent, you must be thinking – why My Gym?

That because children have loads of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility while developing social skills, confidence and self-esteem in their everyday activities.

Nayel went crazy in their balls pit- jumping and playing with other kids. Next he spotted the slide- where at-least 10 times in a go- he went up and down! 😂- I just stood there watching him.

Soon the session began and I was so happy to see parents involved with their little ones! My Gym runs different activities each week and in one session around 4-5 new activities to keep kids involved and enthusiastic!

Our carefully constructed programs are constantly analyzed and adjusted according to up-to-the-minute advances in medical and psychological research. My Gym’s main objectives are to ensure that program ingredients are safe, age-appropriate and optimal for building self-esteem- My Gym

These are their different classes- My Gym offers Parent Participation classes and Independent classes too:

You can find all about it on:

We experienced their Gymster class where it was all about working on fine and gross motor ability and coordination via jumping , running, swinging, balancing and focusing !

Nayel enjoyed their swings the most! They had a plank to help kids balance and cross it! What a fun one!

After all the physical focusing activities- to calm kids down, they had a red circle play time where kids got toys and puzzles to play with and interact with other kids while parents stood outside the circle. This was to develop their social skills and independence.

The last part of the session had a puppet reading time.

What a rollercoaster experience for Nayel! He came home and slept for hours- tired and happy! ❤️


Please check their website on the list of prices and class schedules.

My verdict- super fun and challenging for kids ! It’s good to take out their underutilized energy in a fun way! I’d recommend parents to experience this with their kids!

Also download Kidzapp to keep you updated with upcoming camps and activities with MyGym!

Sneak Peak into Xpark Junior!

Slides, swings, pets and water fun- you name it and you’ll find it all at a super cute new place in Dubai called Xpark Junior . It’s located just off the Kite Beach Dubai and is a lovely new place for little ones.

Making the most of the last few cool days here in Dubai before it gets terribly hot, I wanted to take Nayel for outdoor play, so I grabbed my phone and instantly opened kidzapp. That’s how I found Xpark Jr and got super excited! Come let me take you through Xpark Junior via a quick tour!

•What is Xpark Jr?

It’s the latest adventure spot for children aged 1-12 along with their parents / guardians. A natural playscape park with activities.

How is X park Jr different from any other park?

It’s a unique one. From running to climbing, from jumping to swinging, from petting to splashing- and much much more. It’s a park having thick green trees that envelop the entire area, water channels flowing on the sides, wooden bridges and ropes to get adventurous with slides and swings to add more to it! Rocks, sandpits , tree houses and wooden dens making it all look like a jungle theme or safari kind perhaps! ❤️

Some of the main highlights

1. A cute small petting zoo with bunnies, parrots, tortoise and chickens! ( a pony and some more birds to arrive soon!)

2. Splash pads– these were Nayel’s favorite of all , ofcourse after those rabbits! Running water and a small water fall along with lots of toys scattered around for kids to get wet in and play. Perfect for hot summer days!

How much does the ticket cost?

XPark Junior is open every day from 8am to 6pm, and admission costs Dh45 for a child and one adult for two hours of free play. Opening hours will change during summer months; visit

The way the park has been designed allows children to let their imaginations run riot, to gradually build their confidence levels and take what its owners describe as “healthy risks”. kevin Hackett

Other than all the play and adventure, X park offers art and crafts in a lovely indoor place with high ceilings and fans giving it a natural look. Nayel was so busy in running and enjoying the water fun that he couldn’t get time for that!

There is also a nice cafe kind of area where you can grab a snack or a juice to relax while kids enjoy outside.

Moreover- Nice and clean toilets for boys and girls separately to change and freshen up!

Things I’d recommend:

1- Pack an extra pair of clothes/ swimwear , towel and a sunscreen as hot days stand strong ahead!

2- Carry your flip flops and dress light to be able to enjoy with your kiddos.

3- Charge your phone for lovely pictures around!

4- Go around 4 pm or after when it’s not very sunny to make the most of it.

5. Be with your child ‘ALL’ the time- the park requires adult supervision as places have sharp ends, water area with slippery rocks and climbing around alone by kids is hard. It’s a lovely adventurous park to be explored together !

Nayel and I had a lovely time at X park Junior. It’s definitely the new kind of ‘safe play’ for little ones. It’s a special place- all and all about messy carefree fun! What are you waiting for , head to X park junior before it gets way too hot! And don’t forget to give our big ‘Hi’ to Mr bunny!

Fridays are back

I stopped writing my usual Friday Blog a while ago and I had so many people asking me to start it again. Super happy to see how many of you guys enjoyed my Friday series- hence *drum rolls* they’re back!

Starting with some updates from Mother’s day- Nayel and I enjoyed lovely breakfast at Sophie’s cafe hosted by Real mums Dubai- I specially bought a new dress from ‘Pink woman’ to wear 😛

Next was my Birthday and our wedding anniversary- and we spent a entire day at home cleaning and relaxing. Being parents to a 2 year old- we kept trying for him to sleep or be in a good mood, but sadly nothing helped. So we ended by eating a regular persian kabab and rice in Dubai mall as Nayel loves that🤣

– but something good- I got an Apple watch! *showing off* – say MashAllah atleast 3 Times 😛😛

Friday’s were usual – trip to dada abu house in Sharjah. Relaxed and completed my pending blog posts – also attended a family friend’s baby shower while daddy took care of Nayel.

New House settling is still going on and slow, lots to do! Please write and let me know what would you like to read more from our side.


Kidzapproved! – Here comes Caboodle!

I’m a very picky parent when it comes to indoor play areas. As an educationist, I love outdoor play grounds way more than indoor amusements for kids. But as an expat in Dubai, keeping extreme hot and humid weather conditions in mind, we’re super blessed to have huge indoor malls and loads of activities for kids- away from heat!

Last week, I was very confused about where to take Nayel for some interactive play- that’s when I downloaded and explored ‘Kidzapp’ and found ‘ Caboodle’!

My first reaction : ‘ A play area for the whole family! ‘

It’s a beautiful mini world of imagination, creativity and fun ! From soft play area to reading books, from pretend play to lego, from art n crafts to singing and dancing, from a cafe to a small toy shop , you name it and they have it!

Nayel had a time of his life! He doesn’t really easily leave me in play places but at Caboodle, he didn’t even care if I was around him.

With so many options and such a happy staff around , it was hard for him to choose what to play with first. He ran , jumped and danced from one end to the other with kids around. ‘Baby shark’ and ‘head shoulders knees and toes’ kept him grooving all the time! It was such a treat to see him exploring and playing independently.

Caboodle has many branches across in Dubai, we visited the one in Dubai mall. They have many offers for parents to either take kids for play inside or drop them off and have a shopping experience.

For all details on pricing please visit

Caboodle is not just a play place , they also have a super cute and kids friendly saloon inside ! Nayel desperately needed a haircut hence we grabbed the opportunity at Caboodle for his long due hair grooming! I was so happy to see kids enjoying on ‘seats with steering wheels’ and toys around them to keep them hooked! Not only this, but Tv screens with their favorite cartoons to entertain them while they get a nice haircut! How kids-luxurious!! What else do you need?

In addition to all of this, they even have a small cafe inside ! Can you believe- I was so tired hence I left Nayel inside and sat comfortably ordering some carrot cake bites , a sandwich and a cup of hot tea. Perfect mummy relaxation 😍. Later, Nayel had his fresh orange juice and popcorns too from there. We didn’t needed nor wanted to step out !

If you’re looking for a happy play place, which is super duper clean and full of activities, I highly recommend Caboodle! You will love it!!

Thank you Kidzapp for introducing Caboodle to us! If you haven’t got kidzapp, please download the app and enter the world of adventures for each day!

Caboodle, you stole our heart! Can’t wait to come back again!

Market 24- A cafe we fell in love with!

Last Friday was special for us for two reasons! Firstly, being a rainy day here in Dubai and what made it more special was the food at Market 24!

A beautiful cafe inside Hyatt Regency Dubai creek that offers a casual dinning experience specializing in Asian cuisines but also offers one of the finest coffee in town with delicious desserts and sandwiches 😍

Upon entering the cafe, we were warmly welcomed by Mr Lee who served us that afternoon. He helped us in deciding what’s great in the menu and also chatted with us telling about his family and kids! I love such places!- you instantly feel homely and nice:)

Nayel was asleep in the beginning, but as we started our food, he woke up to enjoy with us:)

To begin with, we ordered a nice bowl of their Caesar Salad which was very fresh and crunchy.

We then wanted to try some sushi and I’m glad we did! Lee brought two platters for us as we wanted cooked fish- one was ‘Firecracker’ – soft cooked crab – so so so yummy!! And the other one chicken teriyaki- I cannot explain in words how much we enjoyed eating!! I would definitely be going back to have that again!

For our main courses, we had their beef burger and grilled Salmon and chicken nuggets with fries for Nayel. Fresh, warm and very delicious! Along side fresh orange juice and virgin pina colada- they specially made it for me!

Then it was time for mh favorite part- the desserts!!

We indulged into a slice of carrot cake and one for cheesecake along side hot cappuccino- oh my god!! What a bliss- ended perfectly! Carrot cake was my favorite- super moist and nutty! They do have a big variety of cakes to choose from. Other than that cupcakes, pastries – a treat to dive into! And don’t forget their coffee! Fresh and relaxing 🙂

Overall a very yummy experience and I would highly recommend! Casual music at the background and a funky decor with a cool bus on the side to pick cold sandwiches and drinks to go from- a very family and kids friendly place I’d say! Nayel enjoyed playing and running around!

Thank you Market24 for such a memorable experience:) we will definitely be back soon 🙂 – If you’re looking for a fun and causal dinning experience this weekend- this is a must to try 🙂

Dress code : casual- fun type! Be who you are and enjoy !

Location : Lobby Level


Asian dishes



Masala Chai

3D cakes to order

Bakery & pastry items


Pizzas & burgers

Salads, sandwiches & wraps

Curries & biryani