Fridays are back

I stopped writing my usual Friday Blog a while ago and I had so many people asking me to start it again. Super happy to see how many of you guys enjoyed my Friday series- hence *drum rolls* they’re back!

Starting with some updates from Mother’s day- Nayel and I enjoyed lovely breakfast at Sophie’s cafe hosted by Real mums Dubai- I specially bought a new dress from ‘Pink woman’ to wear 😛

Next was my Birthday and our wedding anniversary- and we spent a entire day at home cleaning and relaxing. Being parents to a 2 year old- we kept trying for him to sleep or be in a good mood, but sadly nothing helped. So we ended by eating a regular persian kabab and rice in Dubai mall as Nayel loves that🤣

– but something good- I got an Apple watch! *showing off* – say MashAllah atleast 3 Times 😛😛

Friday’s were usual – trip to dada abu house in Sharjah. Relaxed and completed my pending blog posts – also attended a family friend’s baby shower while daddy took care of Nayel.

New House settling is still going on and slow, lots to do! Please write and let me know what would you like to read more from our side.



A little sad Friday as my cousins are leaving for higher studies to London- well one already left and the other one this coming week😫. My life was so much fun with them around for Nayel and I specially now that we were living very nearby. From doing my makeup to being my movie date mates😞 – what will I do without you both!!

Sana and Mashal, I wish you guys all the luck and success❤️❤️! Miss u sooo much !

InshAllah we’ll meet in December with a big bang cousins reunion in Lahore now😍- can’t wait!!

Sparkling some positive and happy dust around, I attended a beautiful workshop by Micayle Ducroq, who’s an amazing life couch here in Dubai on positive healing. It was a good 2 hour session to really think deeper into personality , heal broken images of yourself, set realistic goals for self growth and happiness. (Mine are definitely getting a driving license and learning some more blogging techniques ☺️ )After the workshop we headed over to Clinton Street Bakery and goobled some fish n chips!

Nayel wasn’t very well this week. It all started with diarrhea and some rashes on his body and I had to rush to the hospital to get him checked. The doctor identified it as some viral ( Alhamdullilah nothing like chicken pox or so – uff I’m so scared to even say those! ) I was pretty much just changing diapers and carrying a cranky irritable toddler. With time, he has improved and inshAllah will be all set very soon ☺️

Yesterday, we visited Dubai mall and it was a terrible mistake. N was in such a bad mood that he just cried and 90% of the time we were just sitting in the feeding room. Should I blame teething, or diarrhea or just the terrible 2 phase going on??😞😤 I couldn’t shop a single thing for myself but as usual , Nayel was lucky to get his. He slept for like half n hour in which I managed to grab some books for him. Wohoo! We’ve got new books!! I will definitely be sharing them on my instagram- each one is a unique grab! So stay connected! @frommummytonayel

Friday is pretty much a day to relax for me. While I now sit and sip my tea and nuts, Nayel’s playing with dada abu and dadi jan.. what about you??