A little sad Friday as my cousins are leaving for higher studies to London- well one already left and the other one this coming week😫. My life was so much fun with them around for Nayel and I specially now that we were living very nearby. From doing my makeup to being my movie date mates😞 – what will I do without you both!!

Sana and Mashal, I wish you guys all the luck and success❤️❤️! Miss u sooo much !

InshAllah we’ll meet in December with a big bang cousins reunion in Lahore now😍- can’t wait!!

Sparkling some positive and happy dust around, I attended a beautiful workshop by Micayle Ducroq, who’s an amazing life couch here in Dubai on positive healing. It was a good 2 hour session to really think deeper into personality , heal broken images of yourself, set realistic goals for self growth and happiness. (Mine are definitely getting a driving license and learning some more blogging techniques ☺️ )After the workshop we headed over to Clinton Street Bakery and goobled some fish n chips!

Nayel wasn’t very well this week. It all started with diarrhea and some rashes on his body and I had to rush to the hospital to get him checked. The doctor identified it as some viral ( Alhamdullilah nothing like chicken pox or so – uff I’m so scared to even say those! ) I was pretty much just changing diapers and carrying a cranky irritable toddler. With time, he has improved and inshAllah will be all set very soon ☺️

Yesterday, we visited Dubai mall and it was a terrible mistake. N was in such a bad mood that he just cried and 90% of the time we were just sitting in the feeding room. Should I blame teething, or diarrhea or just the terrible 2 phase going on??😞😤 I couldn’t shop a single thing for myself but as usual , Nayel was lucky to get his. He slept for like half n hour in which I managed to grab some books for him. Wohoo! We’ve got new books!! I will definitely be sharing them on my instagram- each one is a unique grab! So stay connected! @frommummytonayel

Friday is pretty much a day to relax for me. While I now sit and sip my tea and nuts, Nayel’s playing with dada abu and dadi jan.. what about you??

15 ways of asking ‘ How was the school today?’

As a Teacher I often used to have parents telling me that their kids never share anything when they get back home.

As a student myself, I remember, I used to have constant bugs running in my tummy until I would tell each and every detail to my mom. I really wonder how kids just don’t share nowadays !

So I thought of writing a short blog to help parents get their kids share details about how the school was! The first day specially!!

We all know that if you usually ask them how was the day, the ONLY reply you get is ‘ good’ or ‘fine ‘ 😂. Please start telling them that ‘good’ ‘fine’ ‘okay’ are dead words! Or the dog has eaten them, or the scary monster took them away😂.

Here are some cool ways to get more words and details from them in more than just one word! Do try and let me know if these worked! Also please add more to this list in the comments section below. I would love to read more new ideas and ways:)

  1. What was the best / worst part of the day today?
  2. What did you like in the lunch today ?
  3. What was the funniest moment in the class?
  4. Which books did you read?
  5. What games did you play in recess time?
  6. What made you really happy/ sad / angry in the class today?
  7. What topics do you wish your teacher teaches this term?
  8. What was the hardest part of the day?
  9. Who did you sat next to ?
  10. Any new rules that your teacher talked about in class?
  11. Tell me 2 things about your new teacher !
  12. What was your teacher wearing today?
  13. How many new students do you have in your class?
  14. What did you write about today?
  15. What are you looking forward to at school tomorrow?

Really hope these get your lil ones talking! Also it is very important to make them understand the value of sharing about their day.

Sometimes try ‘ silence key’ too. It also gets their curious clock ticking and wondering why isn’t mummy asking anything?? 😝

Good luck to all the parents for a new school year! Nayel is still very young to start – so we’ll sleep a little longer:)

It’s Friday!!

I’m so sorry for a late Friday post. It was Eid ul adha’s first day here in Dubai today! Such a busy day. So first things first– Just to let you all know, I wont be sharing Eid happenings in this blog- wait for my next one please! A detailed ride – I promise.

Happy Eid everyone!!

It was my last week at work. I was working at the British Council as a part time teacher for their Summer School. Working full time with Nayel being so small seems impossible for me as for now. Hence part time teaching works great!

So the last week at work was very colorful. I incorporated so many crafts for my young learners in their language lessons.

Elmer is my all time favorite book. We read the stories aloud and shared our views.

The last day was a wrap up – ‘open day’ and all the parents were invited to see and experience what their kids worked at. Such a proud moment always as a teacher to witness incredible changes just in few weeks.

Check out some of my favorites 👇🏼

My class students presenting their work:)

A pizza made out of craft material while studying about Italy!

Who wants some Sushi from Japan?

Talking about my week other than work- my house helper wasn’t around much this week hence I had to serve multiple kind of duties. Lots of cookings and cleaning with mama-hood, wifey-role and a teacher! Gosh- we women are some incredible creatures 🙌🏻 I never knew I could manage three to five things together at a time until I wore the ”mama crown’.

Nayel’s much better now. Allhamdullilah. Still recovering from the cough though. I am such an anti -medicine -mama. 99% I live on home remedies for him. This time soup did wonders. Chicken broth with creamed chicken and oats. Honey and ginger was our good friend too. But most of all – everyones duas and well wishes for my lil Nayel.

On our way back from dada abu’s house. I’m wearing Nishat Linens fabric paint – digital kurta💕☺️

In the making of some palak gosht!

A ribeye steak with Taragon sauce and roasted veggies! Yea baby!

The awesome breakfast platter!

White chicken handi. 😍– I used @shaanfoods Bihari kabab masala ! Keep checking my insta stories to see what I cook everyday!

I must agree: work made me very organized and active. I had a routine and set goals for each day which kept me on my toes. Result-

A Super productive mama!

I’m planning to wake up early now and stay on a routine. Fingers crossed. You think I will be able to do that??

On a last note with some relaxing share💕👇🏼👇🏼

These lavender salts are H.E.A.V.E.N !! They were sent to me by @avedamiddleeast. Probably my most favorite time of the week was soaking for about an hour in them! ( yes Nayel was asleep!!) Can’t wait for more of such happy mummy times!!

Good bye August and well.. Hello September! 💜

Friday? nah.. It’s ‘Fri YaY!’

This was a very hectic week! I’m so glad its over 👻. Nayel’s been unwell with the usual flu cough. Nothing serious though Allhamdullilah! We’ve been surviving on chicken broth , honey with ginger and black pepper And Joshanda ( herbal tea ) and yes Weetabix – as that’s the only food he likes to eat lately 🙄. I just blame teething for everything unusual with Nayel. It’s such a nightmare. Hope it ends soon!

On a much positive – Friday began in an egg-cellent way! 👇🏼

Week at work was tough but fun! I incorporated lots of art n craft in lessons to work with my beginner level learners.

⭐️The first thing N and mummy did upon Home coming each day was a long playtime bath. I take this as our re- bonding moment. He enjoys bubble bath and finger puppets in shower while I love watching him giggle.

Our Favorite bath mat from @mothercaremena. We do lots of imagination play -chatting with the sea animals on them!

⭐️I finally bought a new laptop after almost 3 years! It feels very strange to be typing on the keyboard now! Also I have forgotten almost everything about laptops. Time to learn!

⭐️I feel so proud to share with you guys that I cooked almost everyday this week! 👏🏻. It’s not easy to come home from work that too with a toddler and prepare meals! But yes I did that. It requires some pre planning – such as preparing veggies and storing them. Boiling pasta and freezing a batch for a later use etc.

I made a super fresh salad with some Qunioa, lettuce, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and some pomegranate seeds! Added some left over chicken pieces too!

Other than that, umm- yes my money 🌱 plants are growing very well now. I make sure to change their water after every three days. Earlier they weren’t very happy. But now I think they like me ☺️☺️

I love the Multani- clay pots I bought from someone in Dubai. Blue art is ❤️

Till next Friday- enjoy your weekend and have lots of chaye ☕️.


Hello mellow people! It’s Friday! ❤️- Yes I thought I’d be sleeping a little longer today but just like every other working weekday, I was up at 6:30 am. Nayel’s sound asleep next to me- so I’m thinking to grab a cup of chaye to kick start the day!

The week began with enveloping this beautiful Pashmina shawl that Huzaifa got for me from his 3 day trip to Pakistan. He went for a friend’s wedding with his gang and travelled to 6 cities by road all the way up to Naran – the Notheren beauty of Pakistan. Boys are crazy! This shawl is a hand made piece from Naran 😍- very soft and light.

It was Pakistan’s independence day on the 14th – and we celebrated it in a fun way! If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know all the details about it! If you don’t- join me now @frommummytonayel ❤️. My cousins and sister here in Dubai with our kids, all got dressed up in green. We had an amazing time at the Castello Restaurant. The patriotic ambiance and the food- both were great!

I got a chance to flaunt my Azadi bag from @womaniyadesigns for Pakistan’s 70th 🇵🇰.

That was my favorite chicken tikka boti at Castello Restaurant. It was served with some koyla dhuwan ( coal bbq smoke).

I have been craving meetha (sweets) alot! No No , I’m not pregnant lol- It’s just some working mama hormones. I tried this Chocolate chip cookie jar from spinneys- I won’t say they’re a super hit, but a good •8 aed• munch to have with chaye ☕️. I still love my homemade ones more. I think I’ll bake them this weekend.

But the packing is so cute! That it what actually tempted me to grab one jar!- so cute 💜

Nayel’s been cooperating well with my new routine. Allhamdullilah.

He’s been waking up with me in the morning and we drop him at my sisters place- where after having breakfast he naps until noon! Which is great. Except this week – where his grandparents volunteered to come over and spend time with Nayel for two days! It was such a nice thing! Nayel really had fun playing and bossing them around while mama was at work. Not to forget, I loved coming home to garam garam khana (lunch)made by Nayel’s dadijan❤️❤️❤️

Meanwhile -my works been really busy! I love being in classroom once again! I’m just working for the next two weeks more and then back to being a home- mama. We’ll get back to play date sessions and mummy blog events very soon! 😍

Have a great weekend everyone!

Eat. Pray . Sleep- most importantly spend time with your family! 💜