Pitter platter

Our babies need nutritious diet to thrive and grow. For which it's very important to think on lines of the 'balanced diet' that we mummies studied in our schools. As a teacher, I used to emphasis on food pyramids and healthy balanced diet to my students. Now today -everyday in my kitchen its a practice.... Continue Reading →

Spicy hakka noodles

So Nayel's mommy is a big time foodie. Yes , I love cooking and eating. You can say my favOurite past time activity. Parenthood has restricted me a little , but I still keep my ventures going on in the kitchen stage. Lights. Camera . Action - here's presenting another hot hit dish in my... Continue Reading →

Mangolian saucy beef stir fry

Nayel's daddy is a huge huge humungous beef fan! From steaks to ribs to chops to nihari- its a treat if that's cooked! He loves Pf chang's mangolian beef. Whenever we go there it's always a fight on what to order. I'm not very fond of beef- but I do eat it sometimes. So our... Continue Reading →

Weaning 101 continues..

Making Nayel's food combinations is one of the most fun things about cooking homemade baby foods. He is 11 months old and I love trying out different kinds of brightly coloured and distinctive tastes vegetables and fruits. For example the other day we tried dragon fruit! He made such a funny face with its blank... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin for LiL Munchkins.

'Weaning your baby is an exciting time for both of you. It's a huge step forward for your baby into whole new world of tastes and textures.' - Annabel Karmel.  Baby N loves eating fruits and vegetables ma sha Allah. I keep introducing new in his diet. Vegetables and fruits are superfood for babies. They... Continue Reading →

Fishy weaning

I'm absolutely enjoying baby Nayel's weaning journey. My love for cooking and experimenting with flavours and recipes is totally reflecting in my kitchen as his food choices are accelerating.Nayel was exclusivly breastfed for 6 months. I was a big pro on breast milk- still am and I totally agree that babies do not need anything... Continue Reading →

It’s the foody foody time!

Helloo eveyone! Its been long since my last blog was posted. So this one today is a simple review blog of the few things that helped me when I started to wean Nayel. As N is growing up ma sha Allah, he is becoming very selective and choosy with what he would want to eat-... Continue Reading →


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