Welcoming Ramadan with toddlers

I keep editing this particular banner onto a countdown to Ramadan! Yes we're almost a month away now and inshAllah will be entering the most beautiful and blessed month of all- Ramadan. This will be even more special for me as after 2 years - I will be fasting all inshAllah- no more breastfeeding 😁!!... Continue Reading →

Parenting and kids involvement.

'Real essence of love is not pampering - its ‘improving’ . Real Life exposure is such an important aspect of parenting. This morning I watched a wonderful morning talk which made me to straight away write this post. . Parenting a child involves three stages. ‘Why stage’: The first 0-6 years where the child would... Continue Reading →

Inhale.. exhale..

While I was pushing you out - I Inhaled ,I exhaled.. . Little did I knew.. These words will be my motherhood permanent-drive through.. . You pooped after every feed- messy one , big one, I inhaled , I exhaled. . Crying all night for that troubling- fluttery tiny bubble gas. I inhaled, I exhaled.... Continue Reading →

The new ‘Me’

Becoming a mom is a life changing experience. You start loving someone so much , that their life and their happiness becomes urs. You see all your dreams in a tiny sculptured piece u gave birth to. It’s like a piece of u with your heart outside ur body. . Leaving my full time well... Continue Reading →

Just one more time..

So this mini mommy wrote a new poem just now for all of us struggling mummies! We all are together in this battle 😂❤️. . Just one more time.. . You pick up , they mess You clean , they spread Just now a new dress! All full with crumbs of bread - like always... Continue Reading →

One day..

My head does understand, but my heart is a little slow in grasping this whole concept of ‘growing up’. So here’s a little something I wrote last night... . One day.. . One day they’ll eat all well Talking non stop , stories they’ll tell. . One day this mess won’t be there living rooms... Continue Reading →


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