Our weaning-off story..

2 years , 2 months and exactly 20 days later- I can proudly and happily - ( full of emotions however) say- Nayel has been weaned off! What a journey it has been! And can I say I totally loved each second of it - Alhamdullilah! Breastfeeding was a very profound and determined decision that... Continue Reading →

You’re not alone..

It’s been days since I had a mental block - you know that feeling when you feel not being able to process your minds or thoughts into words. And each time I sat to wrote, I was blank. Even now when I’m typing, I don’t know what will come out.. but the only thing I... Continue Reading →

The most awaited Guest

What do we usually do when a special guest is about to arrive at our homes? We clean the house, cook delicious food, decorate, make sure everything best is done, dress up nicely and light up our surroundings. . Yeah? - that’s what RAMADAN is for us ! Our most special guest that brings loads... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Ramadan with toddlers

I keep editing this particular banner onto a countdown to Ramadan! Yes we're almost a month away now and inshAllah will be entering the most beautiful and blessed month of all- Ramadan. This will be even more special for me as after 2 years - I will be fasting all inshAllah- no more breastfeeding 😁!!... Continue Reading →

Parenting and kids involvement.

'Real essence of love is not pampering - its ‘improving’ . Real Life exposure is such an important aspect of parenting. This morning I watched a wonderful morning talk which made me to straight away write this post. . Parenting a child involves three stages. ‘Why stage’: The first 0-6 years where the child would... Continue Reading →

Inhale.. exhale..

While I was pushing you out - I Inhaled ,I exhaled.. . Little did I knew.. These words will be my motherhood permanent-drive through.. . You pooped after every feed- messy one , big one, I inhaled , I exhaled. . Crying all night for that troubling- fluttery tiny bubble gas. I inhaled, I exhaled.... Continue Reading →

The new ‘Me’

Becoming a mom is a life changing experience. You start loving someone so much , that their life and their happiness becomes urs. You see all your dreams in a tiny sculptured piece u gave birth to. It’s like a piece of u with your heart outside ur body. . Leaving my full time well... Continue Reading →

Just one more time..

So this mini mommy wrote a new poem just now for all of us struggling mummies! We all are together in this battle 😂❤️. . Just one more time.. . You pick up , they mess You clean , they spread Just now a new dress! All full with crumbs of bread - like always... Continue Reading →


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