My Hajj Kahani – Part 1

My Hajj Kahani – Part 1


Every year we had a family tradition of visiting a new country. Alhamdullilah we’ve been to beautiful places until a year ago Baita’s dada abu sat us all down and emphasized on how important Hajj is. The idea being that if we can save and spend traveling around, our priority should be this farz first. Had he not explained that to us the other day, probably we would have taken it very easy. Hajj is costly. People save their entire life just for it. We made our minds to start saving and go for it as soon as we’re good with numbers in account. I remember- praying 2 nafl and making a niyat one day after a namaz – we had a plan of doing it in coming 5 years whenever we would save enough. Little did I know it would be the same year.


My best friend went for Hajj last year- so while I was talking to her and sharing how expensive it is- she said- that’s not your concern- just make an intention- a super strong one and you won’t even know how things will fall into a place. And that was it. I did- and I saw. Allah swt says : ‘Call upon me, I will answer you.’ 40:60.


That was the first miracle – within a year we were able to save up for our journey – Alhamdullilah- I had intended of selling off my little gold that I had- but that was never needed. It still seems miraculous- I’m telling you guys- Hajj is a miracle itself.


The next thing we did was inquire about Hajj packages that would suit out budget. It was Feb this year. I wasn’t worried about Nayel at that point. I knew it’s His call so He would find a way and manage. I had to do my part..


Hajj is a special journey. Not everyone gets to be invited by Allah swt- there- you’re His guest. And the way he serves you and takes care of you- is out of this world. Each step you ask something- the next moment it’s with you. I used to hear these things- and when I experienced them- it blew my mind. SubhanAllah.


I had always dreamed of going for Hajj with my parents. Papa was called by Allah swt early- but I wanted my mama with me. So the next stage was how to take her with me. 🌟


To be cont..


🌷 *Taking PILLS to prevent your MENSES at Hajj?*❓

Below is an article that I’m sharing as received. Source unknown.

🌷 *Taking PILLS to prevent your MENSES at Hajj?*❓

by Asma bint Shameem

If you’re taking your pills to prevent your period while you’re at hajj, this is the advice I give you as a doctor.

1. DO NOT miss even a SINGLE dose.

2. Make SURE you take the pills at the EXACT SAME TIME EVERY DAY.

Do NOT delay EVEN by an HOUR.

Otherwise you might start SPOTTING.

3. Keep in mind the TIME DIFFERENCE between your city and Saudi Arabia.

So if you live in the US, and you’re taking this pill every morning, that is EVENING time in Saudi.

Make sure you remember that, so that you can ADJUST the time of your pill accordingly.

4. Keep this time difference in mind even on the AIRPLANE.

Make sure to take this pill every 24 hours at the SAME time.

5. If you do experience spotting/discharge, DOUBLE the dose for the next couple of days or so.

6. If you forget to take the pill at its usual time, take it AS SOON as you remember.

7. If you get a colored discharge/spotting even though you were regularly taking the pills on time, DO NOT WORRY.

You can STILL pray and do Tawaaf and all other ibaadaat.

That’s because this discharge will be counted as Istihaadhah because you were taking the pills to PREVENT the menses.

🍃 Someone asked the scholars on Islamqa:

“A woman used PILLS to prevent menses so that she could do Hajj, but when she got TIRED she had some kind of brownish discharge.

What is the ruling on that?

They said:

*”That does not affect anything*.

Umm ‘Atiyyah radhi Allaahu anhaa said:

“We used to not regard the yellowish or brownish discharge as being of any significance,” even if it was ongoing.

*So long as it is not PURE BLOOD, then it is of NO SIGNIFICANCE*.”

(Islamqa Fatwa # 109346)

🍃And a woman asked Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen:

“I am a woman who tied her tubes to prevent birth and when I arrived to perform Umrah, I used pills to prevent menstruation.

A small amount of brown discharge came from me before Fajr after using the pills for a week and it was the time menstruation usually discharges

So is this brown discharge from menstruation or is this brown discharge from stress which occurs because establish I the night prayer? Knowing also that I have used these pills for two weeks and it has not affected me and there was no brown discharge?

Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen said:

“The answer to this long question is that this brown discharge *does NOT PREVENT the PRAYER nor FAST because it is NOT menstruation*.

Umm ‘Atiyyah radhi Allaahu anhaa said:

“After we were pure, we did not consider the yellow or muddy discharge to be anything (i.e. of the menses blood)” [al-Bukhari]

So we say to this female questioner to pray and fast and there is no blame upon you”.

[Fatawaa al-Haram al-Makki year 1414 H. Tape no. 2b]

And Allaah knows bestz

10 Top ideas to keep kids busy this Summers!

10 Top ideas to keep kids busy this Summers!

Summers are daunting everyone- parents to keep first! it’s hot outside and they’re out of control inside – krein to kya? How much screen time is okay. What should be their routine. Eating habits, sleeping timings, setups all are thrown out of the happy mama window! So I thought of writing a post to help you all in fun and engaging ways to keep kids busy during summers!


1. Let them get bored! Please yar- let them cry and find ways to keep themselves busy. You will actually do good for them. Providing all the time makes kids lazy and stubborn. They need to man up and woman up too!

2. Duty charts! Be creative in making some charts at home- reward charts as you can say. And let them work at home. Assign chores such as setting up tables, watering plants, organizing rooms. As little as 3 yr olds- lots to do for them. Also- stay true to your words then. Choose rewards that would actually happen. Not like telling them well take you disney world if your throw your mess in garbage 😂- realistic, small and easy ones!

3. Find out free activities in your areas. Add them on the reward charts.

4. For little older kids- play games with them! Monopoly, scrabble, cards, name place animal thing etc kinds! Hello- we all grew up with them. Hide the ipads!!

5.Create mess craft buckets. Recycle and reuse material from home. Get them to play like inventors and create something.

6. Create Summer boards and scrap books. Pictures memories, cards drawing. They’re great!

7. Plan and write grocery lists and take kids along to help you buy stuff.

8. Make summer popsicles with kids. Fruit punches, cupcakes – kitchen fun rocks!

9. Night picnics in balconies, gardens – star gazing, mini home made dinner parties in backyards!

10.Reading guys. One of those things that you just can’t miss. If you’re lucky to have libraries around, take them there. If now- create mini fun book reading corners. Play review telling sessions after reading, give them a post reading task like a craft, puzzle, QAs etc. make reading meaningful:)


Most importantly- its okay if all fails. Don’t work too hard to keep them happy. Have lazy messy free days :)! What’s your fav👇

Mummy- You’re not alone this Ramadan!

This morning baita had one tantrum after the other. And just when I was sitting trying to focus in Quran- house was quiet. I ran in to check and found the bathroom sink clogged with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. The entire bathroom flooded and Nayel all wet. I cried. And cried. It was one of those tough days where you feel you can’t cope up… Ramadan also means a lots of patience. Like lots and lots for mummies suffering caffeine withdrawal headches and sleepless days and nights! And that feeling that you’re not doing enough.


If you’re a mother who’s kids are going to school in this heat- you’re not alone. If you’re a mum who’s baby needs to be breastfed all night and you struggle tj make sehri—- you’re not alone. If you’re a mom who’s toddler keeps throwing tantrums at home- of mess and toys and useless demands- you’re not alone. If you’re a mum who struggles to focus in Quran and namaz- and failing terribly again and again cuz of your kids jumping at you and pulling your scarves- you’re not alone. If you’re a mum who has a million plans for crafts and books and you’re kids aren’t interested in them- you’re not alone. If you’re a mama who’s running fast picking and dropping kids from school and helping them with homeworks and exams you’re not alone. If you’re a pregnant mama missing the Ramadan feeling- please don’t be sad- you’re blessed to be in this – make dua- you’re not alone! We all are in this together and you know the best part- this is all ibadat- it’s the best you’re doing! Allah is Rahem- Ibadat is just not namaz and Quran. It’s so much more than that! It’s your intention and the little things you’re doing to keep the house and days going smooth. .

Don’t let the spirit of Ramadan get so hard on you that you start feeling demotivated and down. It’s time to lift your iman up. Whatever you’re doing- just make an intention to do it for Allah- and there it is- multipled sawab by 1000! Keep making duas- and be assured all is well!


Motherhood is hard- these years are the toughest. Things won’t be this way forever. Get up- make wuzu and start again. Being able to experience this month is a blessing itself ❤️


Share with mamas around!🙌🏻

Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 11




This summary of the eleventh juzz covers Surah At Tauba ayah 94 to Surah Hud ayah 5.

Beginning of the Eleventh Juz.

The ending of the tenth Juz dealt with those Munâfiqîn who concocted excuses to evade conscription into the Muslim army. There were also many proud Munâfiqîn who saw no need to excuse themselves.

The opening verse of the Juz (verse 94 of Sûrah Taubah) refers to those Munâfiqîn who came to Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam after the Battle of Tabûk.

Addressing Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam Allâh says, “They will make excuses to you when you return to them. Tell them, ‘Do not make excuses, we shall never believe you. Allâh has already informed us about your condition…'” (verse 94)

Allâh speaks about people who regard zakâh as a burden on their shoulders. Allâh says, “Of the villagers are those who consider what they spend as a tax and they await the ill‑fortunes of fate to befall you. May the ill fortunes befall them! Allâh is All Hearing, All Knowing. (verse 98)

After discussing the Munâfiqîn, Allâh speaks about the Mu’minîn in verse 100 when He says, “The first to lead the way, from the Muhajirîn, the Ansâr, and those who followed them with sincerity; Allâh is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. He has prepared for them such gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they shall abide forever. This is the ultimate success.”

Thereafter, Allâh speaks about the Masjid of harm (Masjid Dirâr), the underlying purpose of which the Munâfiqîn built to promote hypocrisy among the Muslims. Allâh condemned its construction and the Muslims destroyed it.

The subsequent verses make reference to the three Sahabah & who failed to participate in the expedition to Tabûk. They were boycotted for fifty days before Allâh announced the acceptance of their Taubah in this Sûrah.

Sûrah Yunus follows Sûrah Taubah.

Sûrah Yunus also discusses the three fundamental issues of:

🔸 Tauhîd [Oneness of Allâh],

🔸Risâlah [the Prophethood of Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam]

🔸Âkhirâh [the Hereafter].

Attention is drawn to these beliefs by using occurrences and quoting momentous historical reports which serve to entrench these beliefs into the mind.

Therefore, Allâh commences the Sûrah by stating, “These are the verses of the wise Book. Are people surprised that We sent revelation to a man from among them?” Those who respond to the message of Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam will be guided to salvation, whereas those who reject will be doomed to destruction and will not be saved by anyone’s intercession.

Allâh then proceeds to warn people of Jahannam and convey the glad tidings of Jannah to the Mu’minîn.

In verse 12 Allâh speaks about ungrateful people when He says, “When any adversity afflicts man, he supplicates to Us lying down, sitting or standing. When We avert the adversity from him, he continues as if he has never supplicated to Us for the adversity that afflicted him.”

Allâh then relates the incidents of various Ambiyâ like Hadhrat Nûh, Hadhrat Mûsa and Hadhrat Yunus Alayhimus Salâm. In narrating these, Allâh impresses on man not to make the same mistakes that the people of these Ambiyâ made.

At the end of the Sûrah Allâh declares, “Say, O people! Certainly the truth has come to you from your Rabb. So whoever will be guided shall only receive guidance for himself (for his own benefit). Whoever will go astray shall only go astray to own detriment. I have not been commissioned over you. Follow what has been revealed to you and persevere until Allâh passes decision. He is the Best of the deciders.” (verses 108-9)

End of the Eleventh Juz