Our Georgiean Travelogue 

Finally after a long week of settling in which mainly had tonnes of laundry , unpacking and cleaning; I'm sitting comfortably on my black couch with a Haagen -Dazs Strawberry icecream cup, all cuddled up in my comforter writing this blog at around 11:30 pm- Thursday night! Wooh!! ( The best part - daddy and... Continue Reading →

The Eid Diaries 

Hope you all had a wonderful Eid! We did too!💜 3 days of non- stop fun, eating , dressing up , exchanging gifts and sharing laughters. Alhamdullilah- (This really makes me wana thank @ayeina_offical for bringing up the concept of #alhamduillahforseries ( check it out on instagram and facebook) - I now really think of... Continue Reading →

Learning not to say ‘No’

Parenting is hard! Epecially now as Nayel is speeding up in learning new things every day- its becoming challenging. Having a background as an Educationist ( Allhamdullilah) is helping me alot to understand some of his behaviors and tantrums( yes already🤔🙄),While for some I do get totally clueless🙃. One thing that I was pondering over... Continue Reading →

Team parenting

As baby N is growing up MashAllah, I hardly get time to do my own thing- be it sipping a hot cup of chaye peacefully or writing my blog. So right now I really have so many of the pending ones to finish that I have locked Nayel on his baby chair and here I... Continue Reading →

Handmade with Love.

Nayel's a lucky champ to  have his grandparent around him- oh great - grand ones too! Ma sha Allah. Grandparents are Allah's most precious blessings. They become our best friends who protect us from when our parents force us to eat vegetables, or our perfect mates in hiding our secrets, or cooking yummy delicacies for... Continue Reading →

New – Mommy GLOW

''Say yes to a fresh new you! - after giving birth 😬'' Who said you can only glow during pregnancy?? Today in my blog I will be sharing and reviewing a product that helped me achieve that all natural gorgeous look( Yea yea :p) without much effort. Bye bye parlours and spas as no time... Continue Reading →

‘Coolness of eyes’

A Beautiful Dua - Being a mother is a great feeling. An achievement. A blessing. Allhamdullilah. But with every blessing Allah swt bestows on us comes great responsibilities. life was very easy before Nayel was born. I always felt like this world owes to me. It owes me happiness, luxury and comfort. We all think... Continue Reading →


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