5 things that I learned from my recent trip to Pakistan

With a super messy house around , I’m sitting with my 3rd mug of chaye here- Nayel and Haya playing and I thought of sharing 5 things that I learned from my recent trip to Pakistan:


1. Travel. Don’t be scared of going around. Don’t wait for tomorrow or when your kids will grow up. Or when you will have a lot of savings. Plan for now and do it. You never know what tomorrow brings for you and parentings just keeps getting harder. Today is the right time.


2. Start with your own country- you will be shocked how beautiful your own hometown is. Start small. We always save to travel big. Start from your local place. Visit local cafes. Explore culture and take it simple. Great stories and hidden in simple things.


3. Take out a moment to speak to local people. On my visit to Northern Pakistan- I happened to visit a school- I was shocked how everyone spoke in English – how grateful , welcoming and hospitable they were.


4. Enjoy local small road side cafes and their food. Invest time to search for their own fruits and vegetables- and try those! You will be amazed on the flavour and sometimes won’t even know they exist!


5. If possible- stay longer. Plan less places and explore more. Stay there. Look at their daily lives. Walk around the beautiful streets and visit local museums. Pray in small mosques and buy roadside souvenirs instead of going into fancy malls.


My trip exploring my own country has awaken a travel lust in me. Living in Dubai- I haven’t ever been to the local places and cultural sites. And that’s where I will start now. Alhamdullilah for the changing weather- I cannot wait to be a tourist in my own city- Dubai!


If you know of cultural places in Dubai- please write them below.

Can you relate to any of the 5 above? What do you enjoy the most in a foreign county?


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8 Types Of Desi Mango Eaters

With the mango season on full boom, I thought of writing this blog for every single mango fan!

Read and place yourself in the category ! Also tag your friends and family

1. The clean slate:

These people make sure not even a single atom of mango pulp is left. Pora safaya. They respect mangoes and know how important it is to eat every single bit in there. Many a times they are found with chilkay in the mouth with the sadness of mango kahtam hogye. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner- anytime a mango meal is sufficient.

2. The Wasters in BhukaPana:

These people are always looking for the next slice. They waste and disrespect mangoe pieces. Motay motay chunks kha lete hain and baki chor ker dosra ka haq marne wali bat😂– please guys, pora khatam kia krein. Allah bhe zaya krne se naraz hotay hain.

3. The ghutli lover:

In logon ki zindagi ka ik he maqsad hota hai– to get that Aam ki ghutli. Whenever mangoes are served at family gatherings, they eye on the ghutli and can do anything to get their hands on it. Many a times they openly and loudly declare- ”Ghutli meri hai! ”. Be-ware of them and give them what they want- even hours later also – they will be seen sucking on the khali ghutli. Suck it- lick it- repeat!

4. Mango cup maker:

These poeple enjoy cutting the mango from the centre and making cups out of it- and then scooping peacefully with a spoon. Mostly these kind are ocd walay– who want safaye around – hence they eat with nazakat and tameez. On the other hand, kids also enjoy this version of mango. If your haven’t ever tried- are you even a Pakistani?

5. The Mango-ologist:

These people are the real mango lovers. They can identify door se he what variety of mangoes they’re eating. Family members trust them and often ask for their insights before buying. I mean seriously – hats off! It’s an art- they cannot eat a mango without detailing the full bio data of mango generation. Kaise kr lete ho yar- mujhe to sirf aam khane ka shoq hai- Pakistani Aam ho bus 😬

6. Mango here -Mango there- Mango everywhere:

These people eat mangoes with all the zeal and zest. From hands to clothes to mouth, everything shows how dedicated they are in their mango eating mission. These people are afraid of eating mangoes in public- they just can’t. These people are a perfect example of kaise bhe dhag- surf excel/ ariel /bonus / tide./ gaye soap- sab hai!

7. Desi cooler walay mango eaters:

These people do not believe in the magic of modern refrigerators- so they get a big balti, fill it with ice and water and place their mangoes straight from the paiti in them. Then gather around and eat from there- and later wash hands in the same thanda pani 😍😍😍hayeee(reminds me of my bachapan k din!)

8. Mangoes- NO NO!

Okay – these people also exist- I know it’s shocking but yes- non- mango lovers. They prefer watermelon and bananas over mangones- There’s nothing much to be said about them- instead being super sad on their choice- kya miss kr rhe ho yarrrrrr!! Jahan bhe milein yeh- thori batein suna dia kroo 😛

Which category are you in? Did I miss a kind? Please let me know in comments! Do share 🙂 – virtual mango k paiti inam mai meri tirf se 😎😛

P.S This blog is not intended to hurt anyone’s feeling- purely for fun ❤️

Happy Mango season! Dil mango mango krlo!♥️

Chapter 6: *Family ties*

*Ramadan series – Day 6*

*Family ties*

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever would like his rizq (provision) to be increased and his life to be extended, should uphold the ties of kinship.”

(Bukhari and Muslim)

The messenger of Allah connected a persons provisions to them keeping the family ties. And we know that the prophet peace be upon him does not speak except that it is a revelation from Allah. Thus when the messenger says something we know and affirm that it is the truth.

We generally think we need to get the best grades in everything, go to best universities and get the best jobs, and therefore attain alot of money and by all means aim for that. But we forget that simply upholding family ties increases our provisions.

Ramadan is a time in which families and Friends get together. So what better time than now to make it a habit of upholding the family ties. It’s like Allah is rewarding you for simply loving your family and taking a part in your family.


Chapter 5: Ramadan and Dua


Filling Our #Ramadan with #Dua: conditions for having our dues accepted and that which prevents them from being answers (halaqah notes)


Making dua is one of the best ways to spiritually grow.

One of the beautiful things about dua is that there is no restriction on time, place, your state of purity, etc.

Dua is a function of the heart that is expressed with words.


Etiquette of making dua aka the conditions that when they are met = duas being accepted

1. Ikhlass – sincerity, make sure you are only doing it for Allah, not for others to see you making dua, looking pious, etc.

2. Precede or follow the dua with a good deed by giving sadaqah or praying some nafil prayers

3. Trust Allah – learn to trust Allah despite your heart being skeptical

4. Be present with your heart – don’t let your mind wander. If it starts to wander, stop making dua. Go make wudu and start again.

5. When you ask, ask with certainty – It’s okay to say, “Oh Allah, give me [this]”


Things that stop our duas from being accepted:

1. Consuming or eating haram – be even more vigilant during the month of Ramadan

2. Being hasty – saying “Give it to me now, I’ve been asking You for months”

3. Engaging in haram or disobedience to Allah – in you’re sincere, you’re going to be too ashamed to be asking when you are knowingly sinning

4. Broken ties – if you currently have a friend or family member that you’re not speaking to, ask yourself – “Is it more important to continue not speaking to this person or getting into Jannah?” (hadith – “I guarantee a house on the outskirts of Paradise for one who leaves arguments even if he is right, and a house in the middle of Paradise for one who abandons lies even when joking, and a house in the highest part of Paradise for one who makes his character excellent.”)

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Ramadan day 4 *Letter to the Heart that is numb*

*Letter to the Heart that is numb*

To the heart that is numb,

Standing in taraweeh (Ramadan night prayers) while everyone is weeping – except you. Your friends talk about how exhilarating fasting is for them – but all you feel is irritation; and that is if you feel anything at all. Your duas are just words you repeat – without heart.

What is the point of all of it? Your actions are robotic. Monotone. Without soul.

You wish you could be like that person praying next to you in taraweeh who sobs during every prostration. You want to be the one passionately pleading with Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) with humility. Your hope is that you can be that person whose heart is broken before God.

You know what, though? You, too, are special to Allah (swt).

You who recites the Qur’an because you know it is good.

You who prays because Allah (swt) commanded you to.

You who attends lectures on Islam because you want to feel closer to Him.

The Prophet ﷺ told us that the person who recites the Qur’an and struggles with the recitation receives twice the reward: for their recitation and for their effort and struggle. Ibn Al-Qayyim used this hadith (tradition of the Prophet ﷺ) as the basis for his statement that the person who struggles to be devoted in prayer gets twice the reward: for the parts that he was devoted, and for his struggle to stay focused.

*As long as you are trying, Allah (swt) is with you.*

The fact that you get up to pray qiyaam (night prayer) even though you feel nothing is appreciated by Allah (swt). When you mouth the words to your du`a even when your heart is numb, Allah (swt) knows how you feel. And you are rewarded for that. Do not think that this will go to waste.

Allah (swt) gets it.

Because you are not worshiping a feeling. You do not bow down solely for that ‘high’. *You prostrate only to the Lord of the feelings and the One who is the Most High*. You submit to Him – through your prayers, fasting and supplication – because you know you have a Merciful, Appreciative, Forgiving God, Who has the power to give life to everything that is dead.

*Including your heart.*

You know you have a Nurturing, Patient, Generous, Subtle and Kind Rabb who is can bring back whatever is lost.

*He can bring you back.*

So to the heart that is numb: Do not give up just yet. Your heart is on a journey. You are first and foremost worshiping your Lord. And He has promised you:

“And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good.” (Qur’an, 29:69)

As long as you are doing good, Allah (swt) will guide you and He is with you. Do you know what that means?

Imam Ash-Shawkani stated that Allah (swt) being with someone means more care, honoring and preference for the person.

And you what else? Allah loves what you do. He tells us:

“Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – the Most Merciful will appoint for them affection.” (Qur’an, 19:96)

Allah will not only love you, but He will show that love for you. He will bestow His affection upon you, and your heart will feel it.

So keep trekking. Your heart will open – He is, after all, al Fattah. Al-Fattah is He who opens whatever is closed; your heart included. You might wonder when and how, but just know that it will happen. It could be on the last night of Ramadan or it could be a month after Ramadan – your heart will open, ان شاءالله. The daily exercise you do might not look like much, but you will inevitably see the results if you persevere. Similarly, your good actions slowly chip away at what has been hardening your heart and, eventually, you will feel.

*And if it gets too much, just talk to Allah (swt)* Tell Him how you feel, and tell Him how you want to feel. Do it every night, and every time you feel empty. God is there; never underestimate your turning to Him. ‘Turning to Him’ does not just mean prayers and supplications; you can just tell Him what is in your heart.

On the Day of Judgment, you will be grateful for your perseverance and your hope in Him, because it will matter more than you will ever know. So push yourself and exert all the effort you can muster. *The tiniest ray of light can brighten the darkest of places.*


A fellow heart that is* numb


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