A friday blog after a long time- I thought of summing the last few days including Eid here for memories- before I forget tiny cute details.

Here’s a cup of garam garam Latte to start the talk- cuz chaye and coffee makes the world more beautiful- haina?

Our Eid was a busy one. Super sweet and full of family ana jana and fun. Nayel and I went for our first Eid namaz together which was the most beautiful start ever- Alhamdullilah! His nani sent such cute kurta shalwars for him along with a trendy chapal which he totally rocked in! Ma sha Allah!

Can I also show my awesome mehndi- which got very dark in two days! And the story behind if you missed:

Lots of changes coming up on my blog which you will see soon. I just got my own domain! Clap clap! 😍- more details to follow soon.

Nayel’s play area is going well- he enjoys messing around there- but takes no time to bring all of the mess in the living room- so basically my entire living room has been subjected and set up according to his needs. Hayeee..

Please leave me a comment if you want to see more of Friday blogs- I get very lazy, but your feedback will definitely be a good push!

Till next time- keep smiling!

‘Let’s find a word in the Qur’an’… How we’ve used the cards.

Brilliant one!!!

Gilded Dunya


It was last Ramadan that I had seen this brilliant post by Parenthood: Muslim Style I loved the idea and wondered why I hadn’t thought of something so amazing (because Sara and I like to joke about being doppelgängers – private joke filled with sisterhood love).

I loved how 30 simple words were picked from the Quran, words children very easily can relate to and words that are short and simple. Somewhere in my mind, I even thought about how many of them I actually knew myself.

Yusra was a little young to take part in the activity last year so I didn’t print the cards off.

Later on in the year when Yusra started showing an interest in recognising words such as ‘Ahad’ ‘Rahim’ amongst a few others – I thought about this activity. Although initially designed as a 30 day Ramadan activity , it is perfect to use…

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Fridays are back

I stopped writing my usual Friday Blog a while ago and I had so many people asking me to start it again. Super happy to see how many of you guys enjoyed my Friday series- hence *drum rolls* they’re back!

Starting with some updates from Mother’s day- Nayel and I enjoyed lovely breakfast at Sophie’s cafe hosted by Real mums Dubai- I specially bought a new dress from ‘Pink woman’ to wear 😛

Next was my Birthday and our wedding anniversary- and we spent a entire day at home cleaning and relaxing. Being parents to a 2 year old- we kept trying for him to sleep or be in a good mood, but sadly nothing helped. So we ended by eating a regular persian kabab and rice in Dubai mall as Nayel loves that🤣

– but something good- I got an Apple watch! *showing off* – say MashAllah atleast 3 Times 😛😛

Friday’s were usual – trip to dada abu house in Sharjah. Relaxed and completed my pending blog posts – also attended a family friend’s baby shower while daddy took care of Nayel.

New House settling is still going on and slow, lots to do! Please write and let me know what would you like to read more from our side.



I missed writing Last Friday as I published my ‘Inspirational Mums’ blog instead. But I’m back this Friday with some chit chats!

First things first. Do you know we had our first official rain in Dubai last night! Yes!! When it rains in Dubai we celebrate big big time!

We sat outdoors , getting a little wet in the beautiful drizzle and enjoyed the bursting flavours of Thai food. One of the best Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai in Dubai at @eatFuchsia , in Business Bay Dubai. We ended on a sweet note with Coconut icecream. Okay this all sounds so nice and romantic- but what really was happening around :

-Nayel screaming and crying to his fullest as he didn’t want Haya to watch from his ipad.

– Huzaifa, bajiapa( my sis) and I taking turns to deal with Nayel’s tantrums one by one so the other one could eat.

– Haya kept ordering white rice as thats the only thing she enjoyed 😂

– I kept trying to click a nice picture of food but Nayel kept pulling and hitting me – therefore I failed.

That’s pretty much what Motherhood, Parenthood or khalahood is😳

We’re enjoying the Lamer beach in Jumeirah. My favorite part of the beach- Rain showers in changing room!!😍😍 and those buckets with ropes to pull and splash! Aaaaa!! I need those in my home!

This beautiful coffee shot was taken by Nayel’s khala and we kept wondering how nicely it’s presented. Ahh how much we wish we were served morning coffee every single day like this on our beds !! 😍😍😍

Nayel dada abu is very fond of plants. He has an entire garden setup inside his living room. Full of fresh green pots and plants of every kind. Today a beautiful white flower is blossoming in here- looks so beautiful!

Have a splendidly relaxing weekend! Till next week!


After a week long of events and activities it’s Friday finally to relax and rewind. Though , I do have one place to visit today- one of favorite spots as a reading mama-‘ Sharjah Book festival’ at the expo centre today !inshAllah! Will keep you with me via instastories. 

It was Pink October – breast cancer awarness month, hence all events were mainly based on that theme. We were invited over for scrumptious breakfast and goodies , informative doctor sessions and lovely mum meet ups. I’m kind of enjoying ‘blogger mama’ life! Alhamdullilah!

The highlight of the week was definitely Nayel’s play date with my school friends’s son- Shaan! Both are 2 weeks apart and super similar. It was such a fun play time for them as they enjoyed running around and most of all playing with kitchen pans!

This Ipad loving toddler that you see down here was the super model at mama’s event. Can’t wait to share some of his model posing clicks! – P.S – please don’t judge me, ipad saves my life on every single event and date with his daddy. Because of those cartoons and rhymes in there, we get to spend some ‘us time’ and socialize a little bit 😂- I might forget my handbag now, but never ever his blue friend( the ipad☺️)

A new thing that I have learnt and have started implementing: I take away every single piece of bread that is a left over on our table when we eat out. I bring it home and feed my birdies! ( so many wait for a three course meal every day! 😍😍) Otherwise it’s usually dumped away by the restaurant. This helps me feel better and happy for not wasting it atleast 🙂 

We visited this new beach in Dubai called La mer, and oh my god! If you’re in Dubai, you have to go here! More to follow soon on my next blog! It was a beautiful evening, mummy and Nayel enjoyed so much! We ate some lemon and almond cake with hot mugs ( yes 2) of cappuccino by the beach 🏖. A must place to visit with kids as they get to run around and explore some swings nearby ❤️

Have a great chilax Friday people!!