My Hajj Kahani – Part 1

My Hajj Kahani – Part 1


Every year we had a family tradition of visiting a new country. Alhamdullilah we’ve been to beautiful places until a year ago Baita’s dada abu sat us all down and emphasized on how important Hajj is. The idea being that if we can save and spend traveling around, our priority should be this farz first. Had he not explained that to us the other day, probably we would have taken it very easy. Hajj is costly. People save their entire life just for it. We made our minds to start saving and go for it as soon as we’re good with numbers in account. I remember- praying 2 nafl and making a niyat one day after a namaz – we had a plan of doing it in coming 5 years whenever we would save enough. Little did I know it would be the same year.


My best friend went for Hajj last year- so while I was talking to her and sharing how expensive it is- she said- that’s not your concern- just make an intention- a super strong one and you won’t even know how things will fall into a place. And that was it. I did- and I saw. Allah swt says : ‘Call upon me, I will answer you.’ 40:60.


That was the first miracle – within a year we were able to save up for our journey – Alhamdullilah- I had intended of selling off my little gold that I had- but that was never needed. It still seems miraculous- I’m telling you guys- Hajj is a miracle itself.


The next thing we did was inquire about Hajj packages that would suit out budget. It was Feb this year. I wasn’t worried about Nayel at that point. I knew it’s His call so He would find a way and manage. I had to do my part..


Hajj is a special journey. Not everyone gets to be invited by Allah swt- there- you’re His guest. And the way he serves you and takes care of you- is out of this world. Each step you ask something- the next moment it’s with you. I used to hear these things- and when I experienced them- it blew my mind. SubhanAllah.


I had always dreamed of going for Hajj with my parents. Papa was called by Allah swt early- but I wanted my mama with me. So the next stage was how to take her with me. 🌟


To be cont..


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