Ramadan Reflections – Summary juzz 7


In this Juz, Allah concludes the chapter of al-Ma’idah (Table Spread) with a number of rulings on oath-taking, game and hunting and the prohibition of alcohol. In a continuing theme running through this chapter, the final verses of the chapter are concerning Christianity, the miracles of Esa ( Jesus) and the story from which the chapter takes it name. The chapter ends by confirming that Esa never claimed divinity for himself. The Juz also contains the first part of the 6th chapter of the Qur’an, al-An’am (the Cattle). This chapter is named after the superstitious practices of the pre-Islamic Arabs but is, in essence, a many sided argument against mankind’s tendency to associate partners with Allah, be it directly or indirectly.

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5. Al-Ma’idah (82-end)

6. Al-An’am (1-110)

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• Those People of the Book who are closest to us and those who are furthest from us;

• Rules and regulations on oath-taking, alcohol and gambling, hunting whilst in ihram (a sacred state which Muslims enter upon travelling for Umrah (lesser pilgrimage), wills, bearing testimony and witnessing;

• The discussion between Allah and Esa clearing him of any claims to divinity;

• Tawhid (Divine Unity), Resurrection and Prophethood in al-An’am;

• The story of Ibrahim (Abraham) and his father, his debate with his nation and details of his descendants;

• Eman (Faith) is strengthened by contemplating upon the creation because this leads to greater veneration of Allah, it’s Creator.

Via- The ideal Muslimah

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