Ramadan Reflections- summary Juzz 5


This Juz continues the chapter of al-Nisa, named after the numerous references to women and injunctions related to them and family life as a whole. The chapter continues to explain the practical legislation from Allah now relevant to the fledgling Muslim community following the loss of life at the Battle of ‘Uhud. Towards the final quarter of the Juz, Allah rejects the possibility of belief in Him without having belief in all of His Messengers – a refutation of the Jews, who rejected Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Christians who twisted the message of Esa ( Jesus).

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4. Al-Nisa (24-147)

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• Family relations, in particular the relationship of husband and wife and how disputes should be resolved if they arise

• The command to obey Allah, His Messenger and those placed in authority over us and that any differences must be referred back to the Quran and Sunnah (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad).

• Seeking a law besides the law of Allah for judgement is a trait of the hypocrites, indeed they do all they can to turn a person away from Allah’s law!

• Practical legal guidance; shortening the prayer while on a journey; a description of prayer at the time of fear; marital law; how to deal with dis¬cord; the importance of justice; and rules pertaining to separation – all the while reminding a person of being aware of Allah and fearing Him.

• Detail of how the hypocrites align themselves with Allah’s enemies, their laziness in worship, and their final end in the Hereafter.

Via -The ideal Muslimah

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