Mummy- You’re not alone this Ramadan!

This morning baita had one tantrum after the other. And just when I was sitting trying to focus in Quran- house was quiet. I ran in to check and found the bathroom sink clogged with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. The entire bathroom flooded and Nayel all wet. I cried. And cried. It was one of those tough days where you feel you can’t cope up… Ramadan also means a lots of patience. Like lots and lots for mummies suffering caffeine withdrawal headches and sleepless days and nights! And that feeling that you’re not doing enough.


If you’re a mother who’s kids are going to school in this heat- you’re not alone. If you’re a mum who’s baby needs to be breastfed all night and you struggle tj make sehri—- you’re not alone. If you’re a mom who’s toddler keeps throwing tantrums at home- of mess and toys and useless demands- you’re not alone. If you’re a mum who struggles to focus in Quran and namaz- and failing terribly again and again cuz of your kids jumping at you and pulling your scarves- you’re not alone. If you’re a mum who has a million plans for crafts and books and you’re kids aren’t interested in them- you’re not alone. If you’re a mama who’s running fast picking and dropping kids from school and helping them with homeworks and exams you’re not alone. If you’re a pregnant mama missing the Ramadan feeling- please don’t be sad- you’re blessed to be in this – make dua- you’re not alone! We all are in this together and you know the best part- this is all ibadat- it’s the best you’re doing! Allah is Rahem- Ibadat is just not namaz and Quran. It’s so much more than that! It’s your intention and the little things you’re doing to keep the house and days going smooth. .

Don’t let the spirit of Ramadan get so hard on you that you start feeling demotivated and down. It’s time to lift your iman up. Whatever you’re doing- just make an intention to do it for Allah- and there it is- multipled sawab by 1000! Keep making duas- and be assured all is well!


Motherhood is hard- these years are the toughest. Things won’t be this way forever. Get up- make wuzu and start again. Being able to experience this month is a blessing itself ❤️


Share with mamas around!🙌🏻

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