~30 days prep for Ramadan~

30 days to Ramadan from today and I’m so excited!! I will be covering so much for Ramadan on my blog inshAllah. Let’s start today! I’ve compiled 30 simplest chores for myself that you all can do too- one each day to help us prepare for Ramadan. Are you ready! These are very small- some might just take a few minutes.but BIG ONES! Make an intention of gearing up and really making the most of this blessed month. Do let me know what you think about it 🙂


~30 days prep for Ramadan~


1. Make an intention today. Make dua for yourself to start it all.

2. Buy a beautiful small diary or a journal for yourself. Your own mini Ramadan planner/ reflector.

3. Clean the Quran shelf of your home. Dust it away- make it beautiful. Get a Quran that is easiest to read for yourself.

4. Buy a beautiful janemaz- if you have many- wash and pick your favorite and start using that.

5. Declutter your wardrobe.

6. Declutter your kitchen cabinets.

7. Write 10 goals you wish to achieve today in Ramadan.

8. Think about your Eid dress and go shopping for it. Yes ! Instead of running in the most blessed last 10 nights- do it now.

9. Download the Quran/ prayer app on your phone.

10. Make a charity box.

11. Try and fast today.

12. Plan on eating less from today.

13. Try praying in a mosque today.

14. Help someone learn a meaning from Quran. Share a tafseer/ hadith/ surah.

15. Get a nice beaded tasbiah for zikr today.

16. Call someone you have been longing to. Talk to them.

17. Make a list of your pantry today. Things you have.

18. Make a list of things you need to prepare for your freezer.

19. Grocery stocking day!

20. Samosas/ rolls/ chutney etc!

21. Start with your Quran today. If you’re slow like me- it will help:)

22. Work on the Ramadan basket for kids.

23. Shop for Ramdan decoration.

24. Spa day! Get ready by feeling good.

25. Plan your iftar calender. Keep dawats low key.

26. Get one or two Books to increase your deen knowledge.

27. Restock candles/ bakhoor/ airfreshners for your home.

28. Time to delete music apps/ distracting apps from phone today !

29. Do a charity today.

30. Taraweh! Sleep early- rest well


You are more than welcome to interchange these! Share ❤

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