Hot n sour soup

I love having soups! 🥣 Especially with winters coming in- I can have a bowl each day!! My favorite’s Hot n sour- with right amount of spices and lots of green chillies in vinegar- unfortunately I don’t find it here in the UAE except for Peeking in Sharjah- but hey! I can make my own yummy kind too. Here’s the recipe for you to try as well- .


👉🏼 Chicken Broth( use bones to take out the yakhni- add a clove of garlic, salt and pepper)

👉🏼 One carrot 🥕 👉🏼 One Cup cabbage 👉🏼 One egg

👉🏼 soya sauce, vinegar , salt n pepper to taste.

👉🏼 one tablespoon tomatoe ketchup ( this is my secret ingredient.) 👉🏼 4-6 table spoons of cornflour mixed in water.



👉🏼Wash the chicken pieces. For 4-6 cups of soup I’ll suggest 5 chicken pieces with bones. Add around 8 cups of water with garlic salt and pepper and let it simmer on low heat until half is left- thats the broth you get. And at anytime if you feel it’s less, add regular water.

👉🏼 Shread the chicken intk pieces. Remove the bones. In the chicken broth- add the chicken and let it cook on low heat.

👉🏼 Add the chopped carrots and cabbage- don’t cook too much. Add in the soya sauce,vinegar, salt and black pepper- according to your taste. You can always add more veggies such as mushrooms, corn, peppers.

👉🏼Add a tablespoon of tomato ketchup and mix! Yum.

👉🏼 now slowly add one egg- I use the egg white only- but you can use all too. Lightly beat it and add. Don’t keep stirring. Wait for a minute so that egg pieces look nice and big. Elsewise they all mix together.

👉🏼 Now add in the mixed cornflour with water slowly to get the right consistency of the soup. I usually keep mine not too bulky.

👉🏼 Turn off the flame and serve hot with fish crackers or garlic bread! I didnt have either😭



What’s your favorite soup? How do you make hot n sour. Is it different than mine?

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