Our 5 favorite Muslim Cartoons on Youtube!

As parents we all know how hard it is to resist technology use at home. Our kids constantly need to watch cartoons and play games whether having food or during long traveling journeys. Tablets and phones are our helping hand in parenting. As a mother, I’m constantly hunting Muslim content that Nayel could watch. Kids are like sponges, they are absorbing everything they see around. I want him to learn the best of our deen. I thought of writing a blogpost on my top 5 favorite Muslim cartoons on youtube that Nayel enjoys. Hope your kids will like them too 🙂

1. Omar and Hana: our absolute current favorite – and the best part- we recently met the team of Omar and Hana on their visit to Dubai! Nayel also got toys from them! Omar and Hana are available in English along with Malay- and more languages coming up soon!


2. Zaky and Friends-

One of the firsts we started with! Love their cartoon stories on Prophets!


3. Abdul Bari ( Urdu/Hindi)

There were introduced to Nayel by his grandfather when he was just 6 months old. They are in Urdu and very detailed- well written cartoons on islamic lifestyle- I would highly recommend!


4. Islamic kids video- Stories from Quran.

These one- even I listen to whenever I start a new Surah! Extremely amazing!!!


5. Quaid se Batein:

This is not an Islamic one but amazing urdu cartoons for Pakistani kids! Culturally appropriate and great topics covered! Nayel enjoys watching them!


I hope your kids will enjoy these! Please leave me a comment if you’re already watching these or any other that I should be adding in my list for Nayel!

JazakAllah khair! ❤️

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