Lessons By Stories

Parenting is such a huge responsibility- and training our kids to stay GROUNDED in today’s world is the hardest! With growing competition and race to have the newest brand and coolest gadgets, how to keep them happy with what they have- is a challenge !


Today while my malish wali was doing my massage, I was asking her about her home and kids. They live in a one bedroom house – and in this hot summery Lahore, the entire family of 10 people sleep outside in the terrace with one fan. She’s always been so satisfied with her life. I’ve know her since years now. Being a mother of 3 kids, now her demands from me are- ‘ baji ap Nayel k kapray jotay kise ko na diya krein, mera beta pehnega’. And please get some story books for my daughter, she’s going in grade 1. She loves reading. While she’s working, her daughter- a 4 year old , always neatly dressed in a shalwar kameez , hair tied up, sits next to her. She’s been coming everyday as she enjoys playing with Nayel. Yesterday I gave her some old kitchen set and pan toys that she liked, and her happiness was on a different level. Her mother was telling me how nicely she placed them in her tiny window in her room and how special she felt showing them to her siblings.


We are so blessed. Actually spoilt too- With the race of always having more, we forget to enjoy what we have. And as parents we cascade the same behavior in our kids. And later complain for them to be ungrateful. Start right. Preach what you teach.


Have you ever had a chat with the people who come to your home? If not- please talk to them, there are great lessons to learn by just listening to their lives..


This #backtoschool – practice reusing, reducing, sharing and upcycling of the things your kids already have. ♥️



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