The most awaited Guest

What do we usually do when a special guest is about to arrive at our homes? We clean the house, cook delicious food, decorate, make sure everything best is done, dress up nicely and light up our surroundings.


Yeah? – that’s what RAMADAN is for us ! Our most special guest that brings loads of blessings and happiness (inshAllah) around.


Ramadan Mubarik to all of you! Here’s our little Ramadan corner. Lights to brighten our minds and heart towards our deen and duas. Candles to make us think about our past and ask for abundance forgiveness, lanterns as a sign to move forward and make the most of this beautiful Month. A beautiful bowl to add sadaqah daily- to keep less fortunate than us a part of our Ramadan celebrations. A chocolate advent calender to get sugar levels back after Iftar and do an Eid countdown:P


May this beautiful month of Ramdan brings happiness in your lives, acceptance in all your duas and tolerance for each other💕



Bring on the Ramadan celebrations at home mummies!! Would love to see what everyones doing !

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