Parenting and kids involvement.

‘Real essence of love is not pampering – its ‘improving’ .

Real Life exposure is such an important aspect of parenting. This morning I watched a wonderful morning talk which made me to straight away write this post.


Parenting a child involves three stages. ‘Why stage’: The first 0-6 years where the child would question more and more on things.

‘Why not ‘ stage : 6- teens roughly- where the child gets inquisitive and asks reasoning, evolves into discussions and challenges.

‘Because’- stage: pretty much self explanatory- where they keep justifying what they know and stop asking questions.

Shaping our kids to get involved in real life is a super important job of us parents. Involve them at home chores and decision making. It could be as simple as what to cook today, or which dress to buy. They need to be heard. Decision making has muscles, which gets built with time. We expect our kids to start taking big decisions in life when at home they were never involved- its as if you went to the gym and tried everything which you had access to there and next day your fully cramped body didn’t let you do anything. It has to be steadily and consistently.


Many a time in our homes we see after finishing a meal all the male members of the house nicely walk away and all the females clean up the table? why? Why can’t the men put up a plate and a glass in the kitchen? What examples are we setting up? That’s because since their childhood, they have been seeing women doing this. So all the girls grow up thinking the same and boys nicely walk away- not happening with Nayel atleast! It’s not about the fact that men work outside and girls don’t- Or if your kids have exams they’re supposed to leave that and work- instead wherever possible get them to take responsibility and participate! We mums keep covering for our kids and later we all know what happens 🙂 .

If you love your kids- STOP the unnecessary pampering- treat them like adults in handling problems, chores and decision making. If they can play, they better clear it up too! If they’re misbehaving, they better be ready for a consequence. .

They should understand the cost it tkes to have an entertainment to value it! 🙂

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