‘’Cake ‘’The movie- through my eyes! ( *Review*)

I went to watch ‘Cake’ today with my sister- finally after days and days of planning. I cooked the dinner and handed over Nayel to his daddy as soon as he came back from work and left! ( ‘me’- time yes yes yes!).

I thought of writing my review as of today itself as I cannot wait for tomorrow- ( please note Nayel’s asleep and my ”me” time continues. So here it goes.

Let’s begin with one word – ok two words- ‘Real and Brilliant’ – absolutely a treat to watch and certainly not to be missed. Being an expat here in Dubai, we especially go and watch Pakistani movies and if the movie is this good, you feel proud!

The movie Cake stars Amina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed and Adnan Malik- written beautifully and directed by Asim Abassi. Job well done! It’s a movie that depicts the family and their mixed emotions . It takes you back to Pakistan right sitting on the cinema seat- from the streets of Karachi to the dhool mitti and heryali of pind. From typical bachpan fights and gher gher ka khel to a strong bond between siblings. From farting to baking a cake and secretly smoking cigarettes to throwing eggs at nosy neighbors place. It has all!!

It’s a story about a family of 2 sisters and a brother. The older one Zareen trying hard to make both ends meet responsibly and keeping her anger in her which sometimes comes out in rough taunts. Zara the youngest- mostly taken care of and has got all what she wanted in life. Story folds and unfolds into drama between majorly these two. ( I don’t want to spill all beans by giving the gist). Go Watch yourself!!

If you’re a Pakistani, you will definitely relate to it somewhere or the other. The direction and cinematography of the movie is simply beautiful. It almost felt as if I’m in Pakistan! The lizard in the house, the khoka shop , house garden and pind k log. The khait , the chippa ambulance, beautiful kurtay, shawals and chapals and barish ka scene.

Other than that, absolutely no fancy and unnecessary dance numbers! In fact the music of the movie is simply mesmerizing. Especially the folk song ” Sajan Mo Khay”.

I would also like to mention what many people are thinking – that if ‘Cake’ is a copy of ‘Kapoor and Sons’. For me Yes and No both. But certainly not very similar. The only similarity is that both films are about a family, relationships, and misunderstandings . Other than that, the story and theme, both entirely different.

Overall , the movie keeps you hooked right till the end. A movie that is full of emotions and some tear jerking scenes! ( so take some tissue with you). I could happily watch it again! And I highly recommend you to go and watch it too!

P.s – you will see a lot of smoking in there-so leave you critical judgmental cap at home and a light heart to the cinema!

Acting – On point!

Direction: Amazing

Music : Mesmerizing

Overall : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Total Paisa Vasol ! ( I sneaked in 19 aed McDonald’s spicy Mc chicken meal too😛🤣)

Have you watched it yet? What are your thoughts?

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