The new ‘Me’

Becoming a mom is a life changing experience. You start loving someone so much , that their life and their happiness becomes urs. You see all your dreams in a tiny sculptured piece u gave birth to. It’s like a piece of u with your heart outside ur body.


Leaving my full time well earning job initially when I became a mom was very tough. It got me into depression of wasting my life and hard earned experience of all past years. There were days that I used to cry while feeding Nayel. I used to love looking at my formal heel shoes and fancy handbags everyday that once I carried to work. Glancing over old pictures of my teaching days and reading my certificates and experience letters again and again.. I dearly missed going back to work.


What I then learnt was, its not all about me anymore. But I wanted to prove that I am important too. That’s where And when I started writing. A year now- I do get recognition from people who love my blog. And it brings smile on my face.


Going on events and socializing does look very fancy. What it doesn’t show is sheer hardwork, tight schedules , sometimes cranky and crying toodler- all with a mummy desire to look good too. It requires patience and a drive of willingness- I wanted Nayel to get a happy social exposure right from the beginning.


There were days he used to just cry and cling to me, and now Alhamdullilah he enjoys going out with mummy- when I see him interacting with other kids and adults, I smile – I feel Proud. I feel appreciated. I feel I’m doing the right thing 🙂




What’s your perspective of raising your kids?

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