Just one more time..

So this mini mommy wrote a new poem just now for all of us struggling mummies! We all are together in this battle 😂❤️.


Just one more time..


You pick up , they mess

You clean , they spread

Just now a new dress!

All full with crumbs of bread – like always I dread!


Next I cooked a nice warm meal

All yummy, nutritious – Pinterest- worthy steal;) That face you made – spitting it all out like no big deal!

My blood boiled , with head getting hot..

Eyes popping out and face growing red

You gave me a loud giggle – that silly billy anger all fled !! .

We tried once more, twice and thrice,

4 out of 5 that floor goobled all rice

Twisting and turning, holding ur hands

Sometimes showing you the fan , other-times handling kitchen pans!


Finally a spoon full that was lucky and stayed.

In your mouth, you forgot that you ate! .

The battle calmed down, I was persistent

No – matter how much you were resistant!

I looked around and held a broom,

Like every day , a million times – for this messy room.


It stays this way each day long,

Mummy starts preparing for a new battle, headstrong.

Weaning is hard, feeding is rough!


Oh Wait,

Who said there’s anything we mums can’t get done- – no matter how tough !




P.s – the picture doesn’t show this battle 😂- the only food he eats sometimes this nicely 😍- ma sha Allah .

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