One day..

My head does understand, but my heart is a little slow in grasping this whole concept of ‘growing up’. So here’s a little something I wrote last night…


One day..


One day they’ll eat all well

Talking non stop , stories they’ll tell.


One day this mess won’t be there

living rooms all tidy and clear-

Dishes all done

Cushions in place

Dust – absolutely no where .

Walls white with no marks

Floor spick and spark

Laundry smelling fresh clean

No poop / boogies to be seen.


Till then, embrace the dirty loaded sink

Messy homes on top of everything,

Screaming little ones, tantruming and pulling hair.


Hold them a little more closer, blowing a deeper prayer. .

For the time that is flying way too fast

With the blink of an eye

It wont all last..


Breathe in and out,

Laugh and roll all about

Be messy , Be wild

Capture the moment one on one, piled.


Hug a little more

Kiss multiply by 4 ! .

For one day, you’ll wake up and all won’t last.


One day , each day, today, they’re growing way too fast.


FrommummytoNayel ❤️❤️

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