As sweet as .. ‘Papa Bubble!’- Inspirational mummy – chapter 5

Commencing my Inspirational mums blog series once again ! Today introducing to you all , Nusa Noman – the mummy to a beautiful boy and the lady behind ‘Pappa Bubble’ candy shop in Mercato Mall , Dubai. She’s a full time mummy ,successful running her candy making business via a shop in the mall. A Charlie and the chocolate factory kind mini land where everyday colorful and yummy candies are made. I was personally invited by her for a tour to the shop during a special candy cooking time, and oh my ! How exciting and interesting it was!

If you happen to be at the Mercato mall, do pay a visit to their shop, you’ll love it! It’s handmade, it’s personalized, it’s so so loved! To know more about Nusa, please check out her mini interview below:

1.       Can you tell us something about yourself?

 I am sweet and everything colourful – obsessed!

2.       What is papabubble all about?

Papabubble is a small scale factory that creates handmade bespoke candy live in front of an audience. We are part theatre, part art and all magic! Everything we create is entirely done by hand on site in our shop in Mercato Mall. We make these beautiful personalised candy with designs  along with handmade handcut marshmallow, delicious toffees and lollipops!

3. How do you manage your amazing work with home and your son?

  Like everything else in life its always going to be challenging and finding a balance may take some time BUT eventually you get into the rhythm of things. I try to take on as much as I can and delegate the rest.

4.       What are the different themes and events that people can get candy personalised for?

Well for starters we can theme anything you want but we mainly cater to what people in the UAE want which is Baby Showers, Birthdays, Weddings,  Holidays such as National Day and Christmas and also more corporate things like brand launches or conferences.

5.       Can you highlight some of the collaborations that you were involved in here in the UAE?

Oh wow! Well its been a few years now so we’ve collaborated with quite a few people such as Vox Cinemas, COMICON, Novo Cinemas, The Bride Show, Market Out of The box (MOTB), Mother of the Nation in Abu Dhabi, various hotels and the Winter Festival.

6.       What message would you like to give other fellow mums?

Please don’t think this is where it ends for you after having a child.  I know the struggle between balancing your responsibilities at home and work can be exhausting and sometimes discouraging but I promise you it will all fall into place.  Don’t just aspire to be the best you can be. BE the best version of you.


To know more about @papabubble_dubai please click on the links below. You can also enter the competition on my instagram to win a bag of goodies from them!



Until next time with another super mommy!

P.s- please get in touch with me if you’re a mummy and run a small scale business and would like to be featured with me ! ❤️

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