Easy home remedies to kick that viral flu and cough!

Is it just me or this seasonal flu and viral taking over almost every house I know! Shu shu viral- leave our babies alone.

I thought of doing a blog on what Nayel and I have been upto. So we returned back from Pakistan after a month last week which was sort of an emergency one. The plan was for Nayel’s dad to fly over to us and we were supposed to go for a mini family- cation up north of Pakistan to experience snowfall. Overly excited and happy us didnt know that a bad viral bug was waiting for us to attack our N.

Unfortunately it started with a fever which was 103 Degree and things kept getting worse for N. We decided to fly back to Dubai cancelling all our plans.

Been 7 days since then and the flu, cough and fever still lingers, however- improving now..Alhamdullilah

Keeping it short, I thought I’ll share with you all home remedies that have been helping me to boost N’s immunity to fight against the virus and ease his pain. Being a very anti- medicine parent, I rely greatly on natural healing. It’s slow but works wonders.

1. Oil with garlic and ajwain seen ( caraway):

Heat up some olive oil and burn 1-2 garlic cloves and caraway seeds in it. Strain and keep in a small bottle. Apply on the chest and back. It helps with the congestion and cough.

2. Honey with Ginger:

Use organic honey – add ginger extract ( the juice) and fresh ground black pepper. Very good for sore throat. You can even add a pinch of cinnamon in it for flavour.

3. Himalayan salt:

This was with me throughout. On episodes of extreme cough, I placed a pinch of salt on Nayel’s tongue. It gave him instant relief from non stop coughing.

4. Steam :

This trick works well because the steam breaks up the mucus and you hold them upright so it can work its way down. It also makes the breathing easy by unblocking the nose.

5. Chicken Broth:

Yes our grandmas were always right! The bone broth has anti- inflammatory properties. It helps in healing the damage done by cough and flu. Add garlic, onion, black pepper , a carrot and let the soup simmer on low heat. The key remains more fluids and less solids. – warm water, honey in water , broth all good examples.

6. Turmeric Milk:

Turmeric, commonly known as Haldi in South Asia, is one of the most powerful and vital spice found in ancient books of Ayurveda. Curcumin, is the main active ingredient that make turmeric so special and beneficial to human health. When mixed with Milk, curcumin releases it’s beneficial properties hence curing cold and flu. Being a breastfeeding mum, I too drank it and still giving this golden milk to Nayel. ( Can be given to toddlers 1+) .

7. Lots and Lots of rest:

Little ones need a lot of rest and endless cuddles to heal from flu and virals. Best is to keep them warm, and low toned so they get enough sleep to get better. That’s all what I’m doing with Nayel nowadays.

I hope these are beneficial to you. Do try and leave me a comment if there’s any other thing that you would want to add on to this list.

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