I missed writing Last Friday as I published my ‘Inspirational Mums’ blog instead. But I’m back this Friday with some chit chats!

First things first. Do you know we had our first official rain in Dubai last night! Yes!! When it rains in Dubai we celebrate big big time!

We sat outdoors , getting a little wet in the beautiful drizzle and enjoyed the bursting flavours of Thai food. One of the best Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai in Dubai at @eatFuchsia , in Business Bay Dubai. We ended on a sweet note with Coconut icecream. Okay this all sounds so nice and romantic- but what really was happening around :

-Nayel screaming and crying to his fullest as he didn’t want Haya to watch from his ipad.

– Huzaifa, bajiapa( my sis) and I taking turns to deal with Nayel’s tantrums one by one so the other one could eat.

– Haya kept ordering white rice as thats the only thing she enjoyed 😂

– I kept trying to click a nice picture of food but Nayel kept pulling and hitting me – therefore I failed.

That’s pretty much what Motherhood, Parenthood or khalahood is😳

We’re enjoying the Lamer beach in Jumeirah. My favorite part of the beach- Rain showers in changing room!!😍😍 and those buckets with ropes to pull and splash! Aaaaa!! I need those in my home!

This beautiful coffee shot was taken by Nayel’s khala and we kept wondering how nicely it’s presented. Ahh how much we wish we were served morning coffee every single day like this on our beds !! 😍😍😍

Nayel dada abu is very fond of plants. He has an entire garden setup inside his living room. Full of fresh green pots and plants of every kind. Today a beautiful white flower is blossoming in here- looks so beautiful!

Have a splendidly relaxing weekend! Till next week!

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