A unique way to preserve your child’s art work.

As an educatonist I have always loved experimenting and playing with art and crafts. Now as a mum, with Nayel growing up, I love using and creating new ideas that involve arts in order to develop his imagination, creativity, fine motor and sensory skills.

Speaking of…We have created so much artwork now since we started a few months back that rather than leaving it all in a pile or tucked away in a box, I wanted to create more meaningful pieces out of his Art. So I started looking for ways in which I could preserve those tiny doddles forever.

  Why not turn Children’s Art into something even more unique and special…So we can enjoy it even more…

I’m so glad I came across Janet from ‘mummyandtoddlerart’ blog( Instagram and Facebook)who offered me to preserve Nayel’s art piece into something uniqe. Do you wana see what she did??

Here it is!

This is what Nayel and I did. ‘Wheel painting’

So a few days back, I rolled out some crafting paper and we played with paints using Nayel’s toy 🚗 cars. We had a messy blast and got beautiful patterns. It was so beautiful that I wanted to do something with it. Thats when Janet from mummyandtoddlerart stepped in took it form me to turn it into something special!!


Want to see the final product??

ref=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/img_1076.jpg”> A canvas wall hanging that will soon be put up in Nayel’s room!![/ca

She turned into a gorgeous wall hanging for us!! So so beautiful ! There’s no glass used to frame it, instead she used a very unique material called Resin to presever it. It’s super child-friendly, not very heavy and something so different and memorable for us.❤️❤️

Therefore she qualified to be featured in our blog as the next super inspirational mama ! Hip hip hurray!!!

Here’s a little interview with Janet,for you all to know more about her and her services!

  1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Australian Mother of 2 a 2yr and a 3 month old, I moved to Dubai a 1yr and a half ago and was always looking for a way to get creative with my toddler and just wanted my kids to have fun and be happy wherever they were in the world.

    2. What is Mummy & toddler art all about?

I found myself at home in the heat – just the 2 of us, which was a massive change. I needed to come up with something to keep both of us occupied. At 9 months old I found him scribbling away on his Magna Doodle, I thought WOW, lets try pencils and paints. I gave him coloring pencils and a sketch book and there was no stopping him. He would be looking forward to our art time together all day – and would be so excited to show his dad his work. One day, while he was napping I went through his sketch book and thought WOW maybe I could add some of my flavor to his lines. That is how Mummy & Toddler Art started. He would do what he loved to do, and I would take his work and turn it into ours.his moved on from coloring pencils to paints, from sketch books to canvas’ and even body painting. As he got older, he was able to complete pieces.

3. How do you manage your amazing art work with home and kids?

Time with my son is priority, I make sure that my day includes time with my son as he is now old enough to communicate with me. He will tell me that he wants to paint or draw and i want to always be available for him, plus its the best way to bond with him doing especially doing something he enjoys. Its important for
me to have routine, I make time to do house work, cook dinner and spend time with the kids.

4. What inspired you to start your blog?

I have always loved art, I even have a diploma in Interior decorating and was hoping to get into that but life had other plans for me. I want my kids to have creative minds not get consumed in technology. I want them to get their hands dirty and see real colours and use there imagination. My son was a very curious as a baby and he would copy everything i did so when i would write he would try to copy thats how when it all started. So now I am always looking to creations new pieces with him.

5.  What kind of service can Dubai mums get?
I would like to preserve their kids art work, create a memory, highlight their creativity and personalise it to that child. I think its important to keep the rawness of what that child has created. kids always come home with a new painting from nursery and most parents just put it away or eventually it ends up in the bin. So why not preserve them. Each piece is a treasure that you can showcase around the house or in the office (for working mums and dads). I like to get to know more about the child so I can replicate their personality when preserving the work. Depending on how big the piece,  it does not take more than a week, and I will send you a sneak peak of the progress,l. I get excited bringing a child’s art work to life and im sure parents would appreciate it. 

5. Finally,what message would you like to give to other fellow mums? 

Try and harness your kids creativity before they get consumed in technology and lose the ability to be a child.


If you’re interested in getting your art work preserved into beautiful pieces by Janet contact her on her Instagram or facebook


I’m sure you guys will love her work! I highly recommend her!!😍😍- if you do get , don’t forget to tag me, I would love to see it!

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