A late Friday.

I missed the last Friday blog as we were on a staycation. I didn’t feel like working! So now here’s a one filled with lots of happenings. A Late Friday I’d call..

I had won an instagram competition last month and they gifted me a one night stay at an amazing hotel in Ras al Khaimah- Waldorf Astoria 😍. It’s a beautiful hotel with their private beach access, luxurious rooms and amazing food! The service- 7star! Such a hospitable staff that we felt truly royal! Nayel had a fun time running around the hotel lobby, splashing in the pool, enjoying at the beach and playing peek a boo in the grand room we were staying in!

Check out some of clicks👇🏼

This was taken right when I woke up from my bed. Lovely yeah!An absolutely spectacular breakfast!We were provided with Nayel’s cot- where he just stayed in for few minutes- cosleeping is addictive 😶
frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/img_5631-1.jpg” height=”2096″ class=”wp-image-582″ width=”3724″>After a tiring day of playing and running, this Mr was served his favorite fish and chips right in the room! It was daddy’s birthday- so we got surprised by the hotel with a cake in our room.

The rest of the week was mainly chilling at home for me and Nayel. I’m now home back to being a stay -home mum. This week was a deep cleaning parade. I organized my drawers and cupboards, segregated old and new clothes, gave lots of them for charity and felt a bit lighter ! Another highlight of the week of this little monkey’s : ‘toothbrushing milestone’- levelunlocked! I got him another tooth brush as the first one was completely chewed upon😂thanks to teething. He observes me keenly while I brush mine, and tries to copy! Very soon he’ll be a pro! In sha Allah.

I shall be posting regularly now! – fingers crossed.

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