It’s Friday!!

I’m so sorry for a late Friday post. It was Eid ul adha’s first day here in Dubai today! Such a busy day. So first things first– Just to let you all know, I wont be sharing Eid happenings in this blog- wait for my next one please! A detailed ride – I promise.

Happy Eid everyone!!

It was my last week at work. I was working at the British Council as a part time teacher for their Summer School. Working full time with Nayel being so small seems impossible for me as for now. Hence part time teaching works great!

So the last week at work was very colorful. I incorporated so many crafts for my young learners in their language lessons.

Elmer is my all time favorite book. We read the stories aloud and shared our views.

The last day was a wrap up – ‘open day’ and all the parents were invited to see and experience what their kids worked at. Such a proud moment always as a teacher to witness incredible changes just in few weeks.

Check out some of my favorites 👇🏼

My class students presenting their work:)

A pizza made out of craft material while studying about Italy!

Who wants some Sushi from Japan?

Talking about my week other than work- my house helper wasn’t around much this week hence I had to serve multiple kind of duties. Lots of cookings and cleaning with mama-hood, wifey-role and a teacher! Gosh- we women are some incredible creatures 🙌🏻 I never knew I could manage three to five things together at a time until I wore the ”mama crown’.

Nayel’s much better now. Allhamdullilah. Still recovering from the cough though. I am such an anti -medicine -mama. 99% I live on home remedies for him. This time soup did wonders. Chicken broth with creamed chicken and oats. Honey and ginger was our good friend too. But most of all – everyones duas and well wishes for my lil Nayel.

On our way back from dada abu’s house. I’m wearing Nishat Linens fabric paint – digital kurta💕☺️

In the making of some palak gosht!

A ribeye steak with Taragon sauce and roasted veggies! Yea baby!

The awesome breakfast platter!

White chicken handi. 😍– I used @shaanfoods Bihari kabab masala ! Keep checking my insta stories to see what I cook everyday!

I must agree: work made me very organized and active. I had a routine and set goals for each day which kept me on my toes. Result-

A Super productive mama!

I’m planning to wake up early now and stay on a routine. Fingers crossed. You think I will be able to do that??

On a last note with some relaxing share💕👇🏼👇🏼

These lavender salts are H.E.A.V.E.N !! They were sent to me by @avedamiddleeast. Probably my most favorite time of the week was soaking for about an hour in them! ( yes Nayel was asleep!!) Can’t wait for more of such happy mummy times!!

Good bye August and well.. Hello September! 💜

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