Friday? nah.. It’s ‘Fri YaY!’

This was a very hectic week! I’m so glad its over 👻. Nayel’s been unwell with the usual flu cough. Nothing serious though Allhamdullilah! We’ve been surviving on chicken broth , honey with ginger and black pepper And Joshanda ( herbal tea ) and yes Weetabix – as that’s the only food he likes to eat lately 🙄. I just blame teething for everything unusual with Nayel. It’s such a nightmare. Hope it ends soon!

On a much positive – Friday began in an egg-cellent way! 👇🏼

Week at work was tough but fun! I incorporated lots of art n craft in lessons to work with my beginner level learners.

⭐️The first thing N and mummy did upon Home coming each day was a long playtime bath. I take this as our re- bonding moment. He enjoys bubble bath and finger puppets in shower while I love watching him giggle.

Our Favorite bath mat from @mothercaremena. We do lots of imagination play -chatting with the sea animals on them!

⭐️I finally bought a new laptop after almost 3 years! It feels very strange to be typing on the keyboard now! Also I have forgotten almost everything about laptops. Time to learn!

⭐️I feel so proud to share with you guys that I cooked almost everyday this week! 👏🏻. It’s not easy to come home from work that too with a toddler and prepare meals! But yes I did that. It requires some pre planning – such as preparing veggies and storing them. Boiling pasta and freezing a batch for a later use etc.

I made a super fresh salad with some Qunioa, lettuce, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and some pomegranate seeds! Added some left over chicken pieces too!

Other than that, umm- yes my money 🌱 plants are growing very well now. I make sure to change their water after every three days. Earlier they weren’t very happy. But now I think they like me ☺️☺️

I love the Multani- clay pots I bought from someone in Dubai. Blue art is ❤️

Till next Friday- enjoy your weekend and have lots of chaye ☕️.

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