5 Things I do to practice ‘Self Care’ as a mum

Reading these words ‘ self care’ makes you think who won’t be doing this. It’s like the basic routine for any human being. Well yes it is, but when you become a mom- this often is forgotten. Self care becomes trickier. Looking after yourself becomes harder as you start to run out of time for yourself knowing you’ve got a million and one other things to do.
But don’t forget, you are needed! Most of all- Your lil ones need you. He wants you to be happy, relaxed, strong and cheerful! They depend solely on you no matter what. Hence the aura you’re carrying starts to reflect on them. You would notice when your mood is a happy one, your kids will be cheerful too. And if you’re very irritated, they’ll end up causing more troubles around. Makes me think of Newton’s law sometime: ‘ for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction!’ Before turning into a ‘super mom’,  we all were ladies too! We loved dressing up, going out with friends, watching movies and playing games! Then what happened now?? As you’re reading my write up just think back at the last time you did something entirely for yourself.

This is something I’ve struggled with in the past (before I even knew it was called self care!) and it’s something I’m always working on – it is a ‘practice’ after all. However, over the last few months I’ve made some massive steps in the right direction so I thought I’d share with you what self care really looks like in my daily life. And trust when I say this, it has turbo boosted my confidence,opened channels for me and made me value for myself once again.💙

Having a very successful teaching career for so many years and then just being at home breastfeeding and changing diapers got me into a tiny hole of ‘thts it- its over!’ for me. I wanted to join back work and I still do, but thinking of Nayel holds me back to wait a little more longer. I don’t know when will the right time – be!!

Anyways , I have dedicated today’s post to all the super mommies out there! We all are doing a  great job and are perfect with all our imperfections! Wohoo!! 👏🏻. Hence ,here’s my personal top 5 ‘Me Time’ things. Maybe you could try a few or create your very own!

  1. Writing – I can’t explain how much I’m enjoying writing. I started blogging around 6 months ago and I never knew I would fall in love with it this much! My blog is a free wordpress thing linked with my instagram and facebook and I’m not making any money out of it as yet ( I do plan too! 😋). Hehe. It’s like a therapy for me. I radiate my feelings and thoughts out frm my body here in forms of blogs. And the response I get inform of little likes and comments uplifts me. After a hectic day of tight schedule routine with no friends around and completely talking to my one-word- wonder toddler , I look forward to be sitting on my bed with my hot mug of mint green tea and letting it all out as words typed from my little iphone keyboard. I do believe I need to work on many skills yet, but I’m glad I started! There are so many fellow mummy bloggers that I have started to connect to- and it’s just making me feel more of who I really was-  pre mama. 💙
  2. A nice shower time : Mostly when daddy’s home or Nayel’s asleep, I stand under the hot shower to unwind myself. I do invest in beautiful aromatic shower gels and candles for my shower time! As silly as it sounds, it makes me feel grand💜. My next target is some bubble bath with bath salts and lavender essential oils. If you know some – Please recommend 😌
  3. A dessert with a cup of tea and an inspirational read: I wasn’t a sweet endings fan until Nayel was born. Since then, I crave for a warm dessert like a pudding or a small piece of cake with nuts and more nuts and some more nuts!( probably to accelerate my sugar levels to match a toodler’s runtime 🤣). If there’s nothing I can find, I bake myself a carrot cake treat and enjoy it with a hot cup of chayee😍😍. All with anything inspirational and uplifting to read. Be it a fellow mum blog or a nice and simple article. The last book I read was a beautiful one’ A temporary gift by Aasma Hussein. Chk it out! Really moved me.
  4. tps://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/img_8725.jpg”> This is my personal favorite chaye mug gifted to me by my very good friend Danielle😌[/caption][c
  5. ps://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/img_8723.jpg”> Didn’t I mention my love for a nutty carrot cake?? This is what I meant 😍[/caption]
  6. Movie night : This is my favorite when I just want to be out of the house ! We are in a time in our lives where we are trying to be everywhere and do everything. It’s okay to say no- and just be by yourself. My husband takes the parenting hat for a couple hours while I can recharge my batteries by watching a nice movie in the cinema alone or with my cousins! Nayel and daddy enjoy their play time or mall hopping meanwhile!
  7. Spa Time : No I dont mean long massage dates alone 😂- sadly I’m not there yet. But what I really do is having something similar to a personal spa time at home! This includes moisturizing my face every night with my favorite body butter. I make sure no matter how lazy I am, to remove my makeup , brush my teeth and put some nice scents! 😍 . Once in a while I also lather my feet before going to bed. That’s it! Some 10 min solely for myself ☺️

Very simple things yeah. But so important to keep your mama fingers running. Oh I’ve also recently come back to my daily supplement such as folic acid and calcium. I was so persistent on them when I was pregnant and then left soon after. I’m back on mine ! What about you??

As I end this post I’ve jotted down some more ideas for you guys. Pick one up tell your husband he’s on daddy duty and… ‘start right today!’

  • Take a hot bath or shower
  • Put your favorite pajamas on and turn on your favorite show or movie
  • Brew a hot mug of coffee or a tea and grab your favorite book
  • Bust out your favorite exercise
  • Wear makeup just because !
  • Lace up your sneakers and go for a run- In Dubai now adays , a lil tricky 😝 – Hello treadmills!
  • Hide away to get a project done
  • Watch funny youtube videos🤣🤣
  • Get a massage
  • Go out to eat by yourself
  • Learn how to say no😠
  • Subscribe to a box & treat yourself ( this is on my list now!! )
  • Go shopping
  • Brew a cup of coffee and sip it in silence
  • Pull out the cookies or the chocolates you’ve been hiding in the back of the pantry and indulge😍😍😍
  • Join online forums to help encourage other moms and women
  • Give yourself a compliment each day- cuz you deserve one mama!
  • Grab an adult coloring book if you’ve been interested in coloring !
  • Go for a long drive and jam out to your favorite music
  • Take a long nap or simply go to bed early.( strong conditions apply as a mum😂)
  • Turn your phone off and just be present in the moment ( I need to do this ! )
  • Just say no- to everyone & everything for some time😌☺️

•Happy Self Caring mommies! – cuz you’re worth it!•💜💜

( Instagram: @frommummytonayel )

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