What to pack in your carry on when flying with a 1+ year old

If you’ve read my previous blog which was a travelogue on our Georgia trip, you will be knowing all the details of our journey. If not here’s the link : /https://frommummytonayel.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/our-georgiean-travelogue/

Travelling with toddler is so much fun! It’s a different level of fun actually- but the cool thing with our trip was the fact that we were not just a ‘ couple’and Nayel – but a big family! Yes grandparents and uncle and a new addition to our family – Sara aunty ! So there were so many of us to take care of Nayel that the trip didn’t seem hectic.

As a mum- I always pack more than needed but everytime I really NEED something for Nayel- its missing😂. Packing light pretty much goes out of the window once you have kids! I know it’s Summers and many of you are and will be travelling with your babies and toddlers hence I’m sharing my own checklist of important things that I packed for Nayel and were very handily helpful!

          The mystery of the Diaper bag

Well, let’s start with the bag itself. Yes this one is a must along with mummy’s own handbag now. I love handbags , big , bold and beautiful ones- but since Nayel, I have shrunk mine to cross body ones. Or mostly my own lil makeup pouch goes in Nayel’s bag. Especially at the airport with huge luggage bags, a stroller and  cranky toddler- its just gets too much. So the key is staying light. ( For my next trip however- I’m getting a backpack! Hands free) – you could do that now. I have a compact size Diaper bag that I bought from  Juniors @babyshoparabia here in UAE. I love the fact that it’s small , light and have ample of space. 

Grab this set of disposable bags and dispenser for an easy and hygienic way to do away the dirty diapers. This set is handy at home, in the car, and even during travel. The bags come in two rolls of twenty bags each and the dispenser is small enough to fit into your bag or to be clipped onto the strap of your bag, the buggy, or any accessible place.
What’s inside the ‘Mystery Box’ – Bag I mean

  1. For Diapering : First and foremost – Pampers. It’s always better to pack more than you need than not enough. I carry around 5-6 normally, you could think about the length of your journey and decide. Next is a wet wipes pack. One big is enough. I always get a pack which has a lid on top to open and close. They stay fresh in that form. A Sudo cream works best for Nayel as a diaper rash cream so a small travel-size version is a staple in my everyday baby bag- it just stays in there for trips. Lasty a dirty diaper bag dispenser. Check the caption for details above on the bag image.
  2. For Comfort : I carry a light small sized blanket, 2 pairs of pjs and a shirt – earlier which was a body suit.. my favorites😍  And an extra pair of clothes. Moreover, This time I bought some small travel sized toys from @kidoreme that were easy to keep in bag and kept Nayel entertained. You could keep any of your babies favorite toy in there- remember the key is small and light! Another very important thing- a fully charged Ipad with N’s favorite rhymes and cartoons.  I have downloaded a few that don’t require internet.( You could download some on your phones if you’re not willing to carry an ipad. Don’t forget a charger then;) ) Veryy handy to calm down his cranky monsterous version.
  3. For Feeding : A roll up bib – this one has worked best for me from Tomme tipee because its made up from silicon which is easy to keep in and clean and  yes A small sippy cup for water. No milk for us as I still breastfeed so yes a mama ! 😂. (If you’re a bf-ing mom then this is important) –Whenever I travel with Nayel, I wear a comfortable shirt with a button down shirt which keeps breastfeeding easy and Nayel’s blanket helps me covering. Moreover for some handy food,I always carry Ellas’s organic baby food pouches – they’re alot more compact , less messy and easy . Last but not the least, some snacks and quick bites. Nayel enjoys colourful fennel seeds, and some lays chips. 😋
  4. For Health : I always carry these for emergency purposes : A thermometer, a small bottle of infant Adol with the dropper , vicks and a saline drops spray in case of stuffy blocked nose. On the side pocket we have a nail clipper, a small comb, a travel size cologne ( for bad smelling baby 🤣) and some extra tissues. Yup that’s it!

Pretty much complete! The bag that I use has around 4 good sized pockets for me to organize little things in there. This way I know what item is where. With all that we’re always on the roll!

Ready…Set…. Fly! ☁️

Few Questions for you guys! 👇🏼

  • For those who have traveled with a baby or a young child, what were some of your biggest takeaways?
  • What are some things you did that made your experience easier?
  • What is something you wish you would’ve done that may have saved you some stress?

I would love to hear back from you 🙂

•Happy and safe Travelling ! ✈️•

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