The Eid Diaries 

Hope you all had a wonderful Eid! We did too!💜 3 days of non- stop fun, eating , dressing up , exchanging gifts and sharing laughters. Alhamdullilah- (This really makes me wana thank @ayeina_offical for bringing up the concept of #alhamduillahforseries ( check it out on instagram and facebook) – I now really think of all the tinnest blessings that Allah swt has bestowed upon us and thank Him for it!

So coming back to the Eid we celebrated , I thought of sharing my diary of events for the happening ,hooting, hushy bhusy and memorable 3 days. 💜

• Chapter 1 – The Chaand Rat 🌙 ( night before Eid) ‘•

We had planned to stay over at Nayel’s dada dadi’s house so we headed there 2 days before Eid. Being a mama has made me a very excited human to celebrate Eids for Nayel. For the first time ever, I got buntings and Eid banner along with colorful balloons to be put up in the house so that Nayel starts to notice what Eid really is- ( I know its too early😛) . We were expecting a friend to come and put henna for us but that didn’t happen so we had to rush to a nearby parlour to get it done! No Eid’s complete without it yaar.

ref=””> Mandatory Henna picture- 😍😍[/capt

There was an Eid breakfast scheduled for family and friends and our place and I had the responsibility of baking a cake. If you’ve been following me on instagram (@frommummytonayel)- you would be aware of my cake that I can’t stop talking about! So this was a 4 layered dark chocolate cake , frosted by chocolate swiss meringue butter cream and chocolate ganache- topped with some yummy goodies! Yes all home made! Thanks to pinterest, youtube and instagram! So by around 3 am – I completed my cake , ironed Eid clothes for daddy, myself and Nayel and went to nap for a few hours!

f=””> Tadaa! This wall was used by almost everyone for their click clicks! [/capt
f=””> In progress[/capt
f=””> The cake! I absolutely loveddddd the cake topper!! 😍[/capti

• Chapter 2 – Eid Mubarik! •

At around 6:30 am, everyone was back from Eid namaz. I couldn’t go this time as Nayel was sound asleep. I wanted Nayel to be dressed up before everyone returned, so I woke him up and put on his shalwar kurta that his nanijan had sent ❤️, got dressed myself – well tried too! ( Nayel’s takes all my bigger efforts and time now!). We greeted everyone and enjoyed a yummy breakfast together! The menu had puris, cholay, alu tarkari , sawayeein , cake , quiche and parathay!! Yummmy!! Nayel and mummy also made some goody bags filled with candies, and party goodies for all the kids! This was my favorite part- I absolutely enjoyed giving them and that joy and excitement they all got in- made my Eid even more beautiful!”> Abu Bakr busy counting his candies! 💜[/caption”> Cake after the breakfast[/caption”> Mummy and daddy trying their best to get a nice Eid picture- this is the reality 🤦🏻‍♀️[/caption]The

There was an utter silence after the breakfast as everyone slept! 😴

We were invited over by my mamu for dinner later that day,  So we got home, changed and headed to Pergolas restaurant at Roda Al Murjool hotel in Dubai downtown. Ohh what amazing food we had! A lavish buffet full of delicious delicacies! Highly recommended!

/”> Dinner with family! – those are my beautiful cousins, mami and nanijan!😍[/caption]

• Chapter 3 – Eid day 2 •

The day began with my mamu’s call early morning to join him for breakfast at his place! I was soo tired and sleepy but when it’s his call, its the end. There was no time to get dressed up😂 , so we went over to his place almost in our nightsuits and enjoyed the yummy halwa puri ka nashta😍😍! Perfect start to day 2! Following that , Something exciting was planned for Nayel. I had won a party invite for Nayel on a competition on instagram from @dubaimumssay and @planetscribbles, so we took Nayel there. 3 hours of games and activities in a playland. Total fun. I mean I too enjoyed that alot! – more thn Nayel 😉”> Do – not – disturb! I’m exhausted after playing so much[/caption]It doesn’t

It doesn’t end here!😂 – our family planned a nice dinner at the JW steakhouse and we enjoyed the meaty meal there! One of the best steaks in town! Hands down!!  Nayel however, enjoyed running around the hotel bare foot with his dada abu more. 😂”> Look at him! Wasn’t bothered at all- he thought his dad owns this hotel ☺️[/caption]

• Chapter 4 – the final day of Eid ! •

After the very busy 2 days of Eid, we started with a lazy late breakfast. Daddy was on leave so Nayel had company while mummy prepared buttery french toasts at around 11 am. Sipping my hot cup of chaye post Ramadan felt 😍😍- Nayel’s chachu( uncle) gifted him a very interesting game toy which he was busy exploring. Later that day we headed towards Sharjah at N’s grandparents home. We were invited over for a dinner at a family’s place so yes more food! The biryani was 🤤

So Eid is 99% eating yummy desi food, getting dressed up , exchanging gifts and collecting monetry eidi from nanis and dadis😍😍!

That was all from our Eid celebrations!

Mummy , daddy and Nayel would love to read your feedback on ours and also how you spent your Eid? How much Eidi did you collect? What dessert shone on your table!!”> Ma sha Allah!!


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