Quick guide -Mama’s favorite. 

The transition from baby to toddler has been taking it’s pace quite fast. Everyday is a new developmental change. We’re just seen clicking pictures of each moment as it seems special than the other. Be it Nayel’s walking ( now running!) Ma sha Allah or him talking to himself in the mirror. Be it a game of peek – a – boo that he totally loves doing or eating spicy food😮 – yes he hates blank food.( Thanks to the foody guru Annabel Karmel , I always added flavours in his food).😏

When you become parents – or a mom to be specific, you will catch yourself 9 out of 10 times in baby shopping zones. Yes I never believed that , but it’s uber true. That also means that you are very much bank rupted as the baby products are much more expensive than ours. So in today’s blog I have compiled my favorite not- so- expensive yet very useful products that I’m using for Nayel. Might be useful for you too. Check them out 😊😊

1. Giggles travel stroller: 

Ok this one is worth an investment. For jus aed 499 , (we grabbed one from the baby shop Dubai. ) you get something very similar to the yoyo stroller. Few months back I was travelling to Pakistan via Airblue airlines which operate from terminal 1 here in Dubai. Unfortunately they do not provide strollers like Emirates. I was very worried to carry Nayel and the luggage single handed. My giggles stroller came very handy! This is a light weight stroller, easily folded into a luggage bag size and could be taken into the airplane – stored in the hand luggage cabin area. What a relief it was. I got my stroller as soon as I left the airplane, Nayel was in it and I was hands free and backache free. 😎

ef=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/img_7182.jpg”> Spot the stroller in the cabin area! 😍[/capt

For more option in the range check @babyshoparabia / http://www.babyshopstores.com

2. Roll up bib

My ultimate weaning bib! This is the best purchase that I ever made- no seriously I mean it. It has made my life so easy in terms of feeding Nayel. It catches both dropped and spat out food into the pocket ( my pandora’s box😂), easy to clean,( dishwasher safe, if you have one) , easy to pack for travelling , very effective, easy to clean( wash and wipe off), BPA free and super durable!  I have got two of these. Been months and still going strong.

They are available everywhere. From baby shops to supermarkets. Go grab one for your lil monkey.

Price – aed 28.00 ( appx)

3. Boonic Catch bowl :  

This is my new discovery as I have started to train Nayel to eat by himself. He’s a lazy eater and enjoys being fed while his eyes are glued to wheels on the bus or Abdul Bari rhymes 🤦🏻‍♀️ ( do chk this on youtube 😊). So clever mommy got her hands on this magical toddler bowl. It has a suction cup base that keeps the bowl securely in place so Nayel cannot just wack it away😝. It also comes with an attached silicon food catcher that fennels runaway food back into the bowl. Since its made up of silicon, its flexible and bends when bumped! How cool is that. Such a perfect weaning invention. Oh did I jus mention how environmentally friendly it is- BPA , PVC and Phthalate free( mentioned on the box) – go google these if you don’t know about them.

I have started to offer chunks of fruits and veggies and some rice for now. Let’s see how it goes .

Price – aed 49 ( babyshop) 

That’s all for now. Hope you find this helpful. What are your favorite products ? Do comment below👇🏼. I would love to check them out for Nayel too.

~~Happy shopping ! ~~

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