Learning not to say ‘No’

Parenting is hard! Epecially now as Nayel is speeding up in learning new things every day- its becoming challenging. Having a background as an Educationist ( Allhamdullilah) is helping me alot to understand some of his behaviors and tantrums( yes already🤔🙄),While for some I do get totally clueless🙃.

One thing that I was pondering over since many days now is my tendency and frequency to say ‘No’ or ‘don’t ‘ to him. I mean its just so abrupt. For example he is constantly puting something or the other in his mouth and on that I keep saying no ! no Nayel! Or , if he’s trying to run to something dangerous  – I would scream No! I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as me too.

Naturally one of the the very quick words that is getting added in his vocabulary is the negative one ‘no’-( which will be soon given back to me from him).🙂 Kids mirror your speech. They start talking to you the way they’re spoken to.

The thing is – It’s really easy to say no… WAY too easy. So then how do I remove negative words when talking to my child remains the question here.It’s not going to be a cake walk to retrain my mind to ditch negative words and actions like “no”, “stop”, “don’t”, “can’t”, etc. but it is POSSIBLE! It’s all about practice. And so I found a very interesting and practical list for myself to work on in feew scenarios that I’m also sharing with you all here 👇🏼

                      Alternatives to ” No ”

Nayel’s been hitting me with his toys lately- some growing up thing I guess and I used to scream ‘No’at him which really didn’t make a difference. Yesterday instead of No, don’t, I said : ‘ouch that hurts mummy (making a sad face) – toys are to play not to hurt mummy’ to which he still hit me 🤣- but 3rd time he stopped and came up to hug me !! I think practice would really help 😬😍.

I’m on it people! Do give it a try and I would love to hear your comments /suggestions/ idea too!

Happy avoiding saying ‘No’🤓!

4 thoughts on “Learning not to say ‘No’

  1. Yes. So many times I catch myself feeling annoyed, stressing and saying No/don’t to every situation. It’s very true that children speak as they’re spoken to. May Allah make it easy for us. May Allah forgive us and make us and our children from His righteous servants. Ameen. BaarakAllah feek for this. I’ll sure try my best ❤


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