Pitter platter

Our babies need nutritious diet to thrive and grow. For which it’s very important to think on lines of the ‘balanced diet’ that we mummies studied in our schools. As a teacher, I used to emphasis on food pyramids and healthy balanced diet to my students. Now today -everyday in my kitchen its a practice.

Nayel is entering his toodlerhood and he’s enjoying new tastes and textures. One thing that I’m not fussy about is portion size of the meal for him. Yes, I’m not fully a baby -led weaning mom but I do believe that the child shouldn’t be forced to finish the plate that YOU made. I allow Nayel to eat to his appetite. Talking about a balanced diet for him, Allhamdullilah he’s still on my breastmilk which is itself a full nutrition- but he is enjoying nibbling food too. So here’s a typical day meal plan that Nayel likes : ( just an example) 👇🏼

  • Breakfast : Organix multi grain cereal
  • Lunch : fruits and veggies  / mix veggies rice with shredded chicken
  • Dinner : fish or meat chunks with rice.

As a mum I have started to make Nayel his own plate so I know how much food he’s eating and slowly increase it.

href=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/img_6983.jpg”> Must ![/c

No please- don’t think my baby is that amazing to eat himself😋- this was to take a nice photo! I very much feed him myself. Sometimes the spoon works while mostly for him ma k hath ka khana( mommy’s hand). N is enjoying oranges nowadays! I peel them completely and give him chunks of fruits. He likes yoghurt also- an excellent probiotic for babies!

While making plates for Nayel , I try adding a carb with some protein and few chunks of fibre. Ofcourse as a mum I do tend to lack somewhere or the other. There are still days when he would only be on breastmilk all day!

Here’s a list of handy and easy meals that I keep trying for N. (some I will soon) and thought could be useful for fellow mums. Also, as the parent, you know what’s best, go with what makes you comfortable!


  • Lentils ( daal)
  • Cheese shredded from a hand grater (it is thicker and easier to grab this way)
  • Salmon or any fish really! Nayel loves prawns already!
  • Chicken (make sure it is extra soft)
  • Mince( qeema)
  • Hard-boiled Egg
  • Scrambled Egg or omelette
  • Hummus
  • Cheese spread
  • Yogurt


  • Plain or Buttered Bread or roti (chappati)
  • Muffins
  • Bagel
  • Barley
  • Sagudana
  •  Rice
  • Pasta
  • Graham Crackers
  • Pancakes
  • Crepes
  • Waffles
  • French toast
  • Pita
  • Oatmeal
  • Quinoa

Fruits and Vegetables

Millions of options here! Try what’s fresh and locally available. If you can get organic, nothing better than that!

-Water and fresh juices.

These are just some ideas.Again, depending on how your child is managing foods, you may need to cut,slice,dice or mash foods more. I would encourage you to think of what you are eating and if you could modify it for your baby. Ideally, you want your baby (soon to be toddler) to be eating what you are eating.😍😍(best feeling ever ). This may mean some planning ahead. Mash up or chop what you are eating into small pieces so it’s ready for your baby to enjoy with you at your meal times. Once you get into this frame of mind, you will be surprised to think of all the foods your baby can enjoy, too!

Also, I try to vary textures at each meal. Meaning, I want one kind of food that needs to be eaten from a spoon and at least one that is finger-fed. It doesn’t always work out this way, but that’s the goal, especially as they are transitioning off of all pureed foods.

Do try and I would love to hear back from you guys! Also do share some of your ideas that might help me to wean Nayel. I’ll love em!

Cheer! xx

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