Team parenting

As baby N is growing up MashAllah, I hardly get time to do my own thing- be it sipping a hot cup of chaye peacefully or writing my blog. So right now I really have so many of the pending ones to finish that I have locked Nayel on his baby chair and here I am sharing with you all one of the best parenting days Huzaifa and I had so far!

Last weekend ,my sister proposed a movie date. Beauty and the beast- out childhood favorite movie was out this weekend and there was no way I wasn’t going for it. So thinking Friday ,daddy would be home I said yes to my cousins and apa for the movie and the plan was to put Nayel to sleep around 10 pm and daddy would be with him! All excited and happy , the plan was going fine until daddy Nayel declared that he has to go to a bbq at night with friends! 😭😤 I became a mom-zilla and panicked as I really wanted this outing. Daddy as usual was chill as he had thought of taking N with him for the friends night. I mean really?? I was obviously all no no for this cuz my mommy hormones were rushing in my body😂 . Not at all was this idea a good one! I mean a bbq in a desert – that too with daddy and his friends- that too late at night! Ughh! Silly questions and statments started popping in mind and out of my tongue: some of were: ”No ways can Nayel stay without me!”

”What if he’s hungry! How am I going to come and feed him?”

” Huzaifa I don’t think you can take care of him by your ownself. You will be busy with your friends bbqing and baby will be ignored😔”

”He doesn’t sleep without me”

”He will miss me 😂”

Finally I decided not to go and stay home. To my surprise daddy was all happy and excited to take Nayel with him and he forced me to go and enjoy the movie. Very reluctantly and worriedly I agreed.

Huzaifa on the other hand was even more charged up! I prepared Nayel’s bag and food and off then went. (Interesting I really missed my mom here as I saw myself doing what she used to do back in my school days when I used to go on trips- praying duas and blowing on me so I’m safe ⭐️💜💜 -) Now I really understood what it meant 🙂. I did the same for my baby.( like he was going for some waror  what🤣🤣) .

I was soon picked up by my sister and we joined our cousins at the mall for the movie. Pop corn and nachos – check ✔️ . It was finally happening: I got to watch my favorite movie in 3D cinema without baby Nayel!😍 I cannot express how much I enjoyed. Totally relived my childhood.The movie was spectacular ! Ofcourse constantly texts and calls to daddy to check oknNayel were all a part of it! My heart was partially there ❤️.

Baby Nayel on the other hand enjoyed playing with daddy’s friends. He was calm and happy. There was so panic, no crying , no potty and no tantrums. It was a mission accomplished successfully! All thanks to my dear loving husband😍😍

Nayel and daddy came back home at 3:00 am that night and I hugged my baby after 4 hours!!

Parenting is not only mummy’s job. It’s a team work where daddy gets a share too. Sometimes in our sentiments and mom love we forget how neglectful we become of our partners- they are equally capable and loving – afterall its their baby too.

This little time out gave me a break to unwind and enjoy, do something that I really liked in a stress free way! Huzaifa and I are going to do such sharing more now 😉😉. What about you?

Check out some gallery 🙂🙂👇🏼👇🏼”> Baby N enjoying in Qudra desert[/caption]”> Nayel with Umair chachu (uncle) meeting ducks at Qudra Lake[/caption]


href=””&gt;”> Mummy squad at the movie![/caption]

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