Nayel’s best friend

It’s so amazing to see your baby grow each day. Nayel’s 11 months journey has been the best years of my life so far. Allhamdullilah. May Allah swt give him a healthy ,long and beautiful life full of iman and righteousness. Ameen.Allah swt is great. I often sit and observe Nayel and get amazed how genes travel and how Allah has created us all so perfectly ( indeed- He is the most perfect). N has a reflection of my dad- those lips I see are all papa’s. The other time he totally looks like his dada abu.The gap in his teeth are like bajipaa (Hira khala – my older sister) . His chubby cheeks and round nose are mine😬 and bright eye’s are daddys😍.(Ma sha Allah) He is such a blend of all the people who dearly love him. Nayel has got a round curly hair thing right on top of his head- like the one boys usually have in the middle of their head- N’s got two of those!( Huzaifa’s grandmother) dada told us that H’s grandfather had exactly the same- genes again 🙂 check this 👇🏼 I wonder how he would style them up when he’ll grow up. For now I just swril them round on top !😎 As he’s growing and changing, his behavior and mood is too everyday. He now feels comfortable in people whom he see often and gets cranky with new people around.He’s a very cautious baby! ( thanks to all the times we couldn’t save him from falling off the bed maybe🙈). N’s mommy is a social bee 🐝 and to her (me) this is very strange but I think this behavior of his is on daddys! 🤔

He absolutely and utterly loves his dada abu and dadi jan and khala( bajiapa – my older sister). These people are the only ones for now he happily goes to and doesn’t look back at mummy & daddy. So I thought of sharing with you all his ties with his best friends. This one is :

Nayel’s dada abu– A man of less words and a heart of love. I have seen him as a different person since Nayel has arrived. He loves children and I could see that always. But with Nayel- that love has multipled by a million.

‘What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.’Rudolph Giuliani – Dada abu and dadijan are a blend of all this. Except for cookies- Nayel gets grapes, gur , dates , oranges and anything that seems healthy in the kitchen!

Nayel loves visiting dada abu every Friday and enjoys his arrival every week at his home. Slowly he is understanding the surroundings and shows joy through his observations when we enter their building- he knows its his most favorite place! He gets greeted with cheers and smiles in that house from his uncles – but his eyes are insearch for his dada abu. Sometimes when he’s gone for prayer or hasn’t resturned from work – Nayel would keep looking for him. We all see that.

Once N’s with him- he’s in another land. He is allowed to do everything! From touching dadi jan’s precious lotions to frames hanging around. The small bell on the door ceiling to plants. It’s his zone. His favourite toys there,  are dada abus black briefcase 💼 on the bed with some small empty medicine bottles , a brush , keys and everything that isn’t really a toy. He would throw them a thousand times and would happily get them back. He learned his balancing skills on their bed with that briefcase that he plays drums on. Dada abu’s always showing Nayel ways to become mischievous! He’s often seen showing him how to take out things from drawers . Haha . We all laugh at his such moments. No wonder Nayel loves him so much 🙈🙈

His grandparents are his favorite audience! He enjoys how their faces light up when they see him. It’s such a beautiful bond. For me as his mum- I sit back and enjoy the day as I get a break ! It often makes me miss my times with my grandparents.

As Nayel’s entering his toddlerhood, his games with dada abu are becoming more interesting- recently they play football – where dada abu hold and runs with him and N tries to kick the ball! Many such games would soon be invented..

Of all this his dadijan’s a part too. They love him dearly and so does Nayel.

I pray that this bond grows greater with love. May Allah swt keep them healthy and happy always!

No matter how old we get, our grandparents are the most special gifts Allah swt has given to us. I love mine and I hate the fact that life has made us so busy that we often forget to take out time for them. A small phone call or a visit brings smile on their faces and makes them very happy. What are you and I waiting for? 🙂

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