Handmade with Love.

Nayel’s a lucky champ to  have his grandparent around him- oh great – grand ones too! Ma sha Allah. Grandparents are Allah’s most precious blessings. They become our best friends who protect us from when our parents force us to eat vegetables, or our perfect mates in hiding our secrets, or cooking yummy delicacies for us, or helping us to get permissions for outings with friends when mama baba aren’t agreeing! LoL. I clearly remember my best days were around mine.
I really wish my dad was here to see Nayel. He would have loved him so much. Everytime I see Nayel doing something new- I dearly miss my dad.. I imagine him with N every now and then and think what all he would have done for his own grandchild. He loved putting his finger in babies clinched fist- how much would he have adored that with Nayel. May Allah swt forgive him and bless with in highest ranks of Jannah.

Here today I’m sharing with you all a few of N’s precious memories in form of handmade stuff made by his grand and  great-grand parents for him.

So on my trip to Lahore when I was pregnant with N, my nanijan( grandma) gifted me a beautiful white handmade blanket for my baby to be. She is a pro is knitting and we have worn many sweaters that she made for us in our childhood. I always wanted her to make something for my baby too.

I used her handmade blanket specially on our trip to SouthAfrica last year as it was really cold there. It gave N the perfect warmth with heaps of love that he needed. I have kept it with utmost care and though Nayel’s growing up big for it, it shall always be there for him. Thank you nanijan❤

4 month old baby N enjoying SA cuddled up in the blanket

The next one is another beautiful treasure. It was Nayel’s first Eid Ul Fitr and I was so worried to find his shalwar kurta ( a traditional Pakistani dress that boys wear). I was thrilled one day to see that dada ( Huzaifa’s grand ma) hand stitched one specially for Nayel! It was the best feeling ever. She made a white one for him which perfectly fit him. Surprizingly her measurements were all very exact ! My baby looked like a prince and celebrated his first Eid wearing it 🙂 ⬇️ JazakAllah big dada!

a href=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/img_4527.jpg”> N’s Eid outfit details. I matched it with a cute dada abu bib ![
a href=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/img_4524.jpg”> Daddy and baby N in matching form- with Eidi in hand❤[

Third one here is a handmade baby playmat for N! When Nayel turned 5 month old he started turning and moving on his own. I wanted a nice playmat for him- something special! Who else could have made it other than my mom! – just to add- mama is super artistic and creative. She runs her small home business in making bedding. This one requires a separete blog on its own! ( check out Bedding by Bina on facebook or inbox me for details !). So she made a very cute play mat for Nayel where he enjoyed playing for quiet long. It was so soft and light that I wasn’t worried at all. I could easily throw it in the washing machine when it got messy. She did a patch work and added bright colours for his development!’ Thank u nani jan’- N. Here see it yourself.

There were matching pillows too!
Lastly, this winter came another treat! Nayel was lucky to have another goody from dada ! ( Huzaifa’s grand ma) . She gifted N a very very beautiful blue sweater that she knitted within days for him. Winter was fast going by and she was worried N won’t get a chance to wear it. Thank fully , Dubai’s chilly winds and rain stayed for Nayel to wear and shine in his new sweater. Dada made it a little loose thinking N would also get a chance to wear it next winters inshAllah! I pray he gets to have a new one made by her next season too ☺️.

Allhamdullilah Nayel’s been lucky to have all this love. I pray from Allah swt to give his grand parents and great-grand parents long and healthy life to cherish all his moments. IA.

Nayel loves you all very much ! ❤x

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