Review time! – Himalayas Gentle baby bath.

I’ll never forget the first time we gave him a bath! 6 hands I thought wern’t enough! My mom, Huzaifa and I ! I was so scared to hold his delicate arms and legs- thinking I might hurt him. 10 months through that and now baby N cries when I turn off the tap! He loves his bath time! He would love to be in water for hours.

I’m very skeptical when it comes to choosing the right product for Nayel when there’s so much going on about cancer causing ingredients etc. I was looking for something closest to nature and herbal infused – therefore I chose the natural and herbal – ‘Himalaya Gentle baby bath’. It’s a very cost effective and sweet smelling product. I have been loving it since day one.

Super ingredients:

It’s main ingredients includes chickpeas, fenugreek and green gram which are all very traditional to our South Asian culture. All these are essential for smooth and soft baby skin and gentle cleansing. No chemicals wohoo!

I have experienced no skin problems or rashes and I totally recommend this product to all mommies. It usually comes in 100 ml and 200 ml packs.

The top 3 pro’s : 

1. It contains gentle No Tears formula which makes Nayel enjoy his splash time!

2. It’s all herbal and natural.

3. The size pack is very convenient and travel friendly – so is the cost.


Totally ! I absolutely love it. So will you I’m sure. Its available in all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets in the UAE.

—Happy baby bathing! —

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