Fishy weaning

I’m absolutely enjoying baby Nayel’s weaning journey. My love for cooking and experimenting with flavours and recipes is totally reflecting in my kitchen as his food choices are accelerating.Nayel was exclusivly breastfed for 6 months. I was a big pro on breast milk- still am and I totally agree that babies do not need anything else other than mom’s magical potion for upto first six months.

Since his graduation to the 7th month , I initiated with fruits and vegetables purees. Yes no ceralc or rice cereals . They’re super processed. 🙁

Their first foods need to be veggeies 🥒 and fruits 🍉 as they are totally nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals and easy on lil tummies!

Allhamdullilah he loved the purees I made for him. He was pears 🍐 big fan! There was a period in between when he would only eat pears puree! Haha. Banana was a big no no- it still is- but mommys super clever to camouflage it in other stuff hehe. 😋

Few of thing tht he dislikes now are cauliflower- so I mix them with mashed potatoes! LoL – cmon now we need to do that :p

And eggs. 😭 . But they are so good for him and he just doesn’t like them. So now I’m being creative to find ways to feed him eggs! Here’s one recipe 👇🏼

Egg battered fish fillet. 

Age– 8+ months

Serving – one fillet (depends how much your baby might eat at one time )


1 fresh fillet of any fish ( I used cream dory )

1 egg

2-3 Tbsp – fresh home made bread crumbs

1 Tbsp – rolled oats ( grind them)

1 tsp- chia seeds powder form

Salt and pepper to taste

1tsp garlic paste

Dash of lemon

Little sprinkle of Shan fish masala – ( baby N loves new flavours)

Olive oil.

Boiled rice to serve with.


1. Wash the fish fillets nicely and pat dry with some tissue. Cut it in pieces.

2. Marinate it with garlic paste , salt, pepper , fish masala ( you could use any other flavours too or just stick to salt n pepper ) and some lemon juice.

3. Keep it in the fridge for about an hour. Boil some rice in the time being.

4. Prepare the coatings. Beat the egg with little milk and keep aside. Mix together the bread crumbs, oats and chia seeds powder.

5. Dip the fish in egg first and then the dry mixtures. Repeat twice.

6. Put some olive oil in the pan. ( no need for deep frying). Shallow fry the fish on medium heat. Keep turning to check.

7.Take it out and let it cool for a bit.

8. Serve the yummy healthy catch with some boiled rice or veggies!

Nutritional abc..

Protein ✅ – fish and egg

Dietery Fiber and Iron ✅- breadcrumbs

Calcium and Magnesium ✅- chia seeds

Carbohydrates ✅- rice

A must to try . Very quick and 💯 % mommy satisfaction!

—Happy cooking !—

2 thoughts on “Fishy weaning

  1. What a sweet recipe and Ayra also disliked bananas uptil now.
    Hi5 for being as paranoid as I am for processed food. Still can’t get over the fact that I let her eat a cupcake once when she was 9 month old 😭


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