New – Mommy GLOW

”Say yes to a fresh new you! – after giving birth 😬”
Who said you can only glow during pregnancy?? Today in my blog I will be sharing and reviewing a product that helped me achieve that all natural gorgeous look( Yea yea :p) without much effort. Bye bye parlours and spas as no time for that anymore 😭

So ladies put your hands together for this one – my very favorite Clarisonic cleanser- MIA FIT – 2.

An absolute beauty I would say! It’s a gentle sonic cleansing device with two speed settings in a compact, lightweight, and waterproof design. My go companion in showers too! I love the fact that its very travel-friendly and easy to manage. It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand.

Now what it does to my skin! – This is my one -stop -shop to remove all my day mommy dirts and makeup. It’s super easy and cleans the skin removing all the impurities deeply after which I can feel a smooth,airy and a radiant skin on-the-go!

I have been using it for around 3 months now and I can feel much smoother and fresher skin with cleaner and smaller pores. I can hardly detect any blackheads! ( now that’s an achievement).

The two speed settings it has are: Delicate and Power Cleanse—remove impurities, sunscreen, makeup and all the other messy-ness. The battery needs to be charged after every two weeks ( for me ) which is great!

It comes with a small pack of the The high foaming, luxurious, milky Skin Illuminating Cleanser – which is specifically formulated for use with it. I did a lot of research on it and honestly buying this cleanser every time is very costly for me, so instead I am now using a very good and affordable cleanser face wash with it. ( Garnier charcoal) 👇🏼. Of course you can too! But just be careful not to use any product with granules in it as it will destroy your brush head.

P.s- you need to change the brush head after every 3-4 months.

These are the things included in its set box :

– Mia Fit Cleansing Device

– USB Enable Universal Voltage Charger

– Radiance Brush Head

– 1 oz Skin Illuminating Cleanser sample

Clarasonic devices have many other optionn and ranges. They are available at Sephora outlets. You can explore their range at Sephoras or head on to their website. Its worth each penny!
For more information:

Happy cleansing 💋

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