It’s the foody foody time!

Helloo eveyone! Its been long since my last blog was posted.
So this one today is a simple review blog of the few things that helped me when I started to wean Nayel.

As N is growing up ma sha Allah, he is becoming very selective and choosy with what he would want to eat- and the pattern is giving me red alarms that this would increase! Also his taste buds need a change every second day! ( this is more tough than thinking what to cook today :p)

Currently he has developed love for fish 🐟 ! Now the old wives tales and Pakistani culture knocked me on this and I got worried for him eating fish- as it is said no dairy after fish otherwise you will develop some skin disease?? I did my research and I am happy to call it a myth. There is no strong evidence to it. So mommies if your babies enjoy fish, please go ahead. Its packed with healthy fats and nutrients.

Coming back to the review, here are a few things that my baby enjoys eating :

01. Ellas kitchen organic baby food : 

Okay ! These were introduced to me by my sister. They are fully organic ready -to -go pouches of food purees. I usually keep them with me during travel as they are very convenient to use. Nayel loves all the flavous that we have tried. They are mostly veggies and fruits. I am a huge fan of their packaging- bright coloured and very easy to keep in the bag. Now that Nayel has started to eat with us – its still a big relief to just carry Ella’s in diaper bag as a back up.

I mainly love Ella’s Kitchen baby food because it is 100% organic. They also have a number of other great features including:

-no added water, preservatives, or thickeners
-no gluten, wheat, dairy, or lactose

-nothing artificial, just organic food!

-no added salt or sweeteners

Im a huge fan of them now ! They are easily available in Spinneys and Choitrams here in UAE.

For more information about Ella’s please check out the link below:

02. Chia seeds : 

Baby N has got a mommy who keeps reading and experimenting healthier options for baby food. This one is a really nutritional package- Chia seeds. Some of the health benefits of chia seeds for kids include good supply of protein, supply of sustained energy, good source of unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, a good source of antioxidants and provide high dietary fiber. I have grinded some chia seeds in powder form and I usually add a pinch or two in Nayel’s food.

Since I’m breastfeeding him, I also take it with my meals. Power packed little dots!

03. Sabudana : 

This one is the power house of energy. Sabudana is obtained from tapioca roots. It is an easily available and very cheap food for babies. This one was always very easy to make and Nayel enjoyed eating it- he still does. Sabudana can be easily digested and also alleviated constipation and other tummy troubles such as gas( Nayel is very gassy! ) and diarrheoa, that are very common in the first year of a baby. They are loaded with calcium and very filling for little tummies.

I used to add it in Nayel’s fruit purees as alone its very blank.

Just soak them in water and boil. It turns into a colourless jelly. You can even add milk and some honey to make a yummy sabudana kheer
Keep posted as my next blog will have some baby food recipes!

Happy weaning !

3 thoughts on “It’s the foody foody time!

  1. I also loveeeeeee ella’s. There are days when goes on food strike (thanks to molars which are popping out sab ek sath he) he would refuse to open her mouth for spoon totally. The only thing that lets me sleep at night during those days is chalo atleast she had a pouch or two of purree during the day. Otherwise it just kills you from inside that your toddler is just taking milk and nothing else.
    Haven’t tried their chicken flavors Abhi tak and I’m too skeptic whether they’re halal or not 🤔🤔🤔


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