My take on how -to -mom !

Giving birth is one the of the most powerful thing we women can do.. Allah swt has created us so immensely strong that even we cannot imagine until we go through it. I was always super scared of the thought of how on earth can I get a human out of my body!
Throughout my pregnancy, the only thing I was scared of was the ‘end part’ and trust me when I say this , I have watched every single video on how to give a birth🤣. My friends always laughed at my silly approach of knowing things before hand and would tell me not to do so.. but I on the other hand ,never listened to them 😛. Each video made me even more nervous but I continued thinking that there would be one which would exactly prepare me. I wanted to have the most perfect,beautiful and avery smooth birth one could ever imagine of! ( like how they show in movies).
I’m sure every woman gets chills thinking about it! Now that I can proudly say ”been there done that”- I would like to share my experience

So by the end of the second trimester I was fully convinced that epidurals are your best friend! And if even for once I would feel this is too hard ,I would happily opt for a C – section.
One fine day my very loving ami (mother in law) who is a non-practicing doctor , asked me to attend one the prenatal birthing classes that would help me learn some stuff. I was super excited as this was going to be my first live session! ( as mentioned I had googled everything online) LoL .
So here in Sharjah we found out some thing called Amani birth group.. just a brief introduction on what that group is:
AMANI Birth is an Islamically founded childbirth education and doula program.
The group is based on the believe that Allah is in control of all things and has created women to conceive, carry, birth, and feed their babies.
They help you learn how your body works in pregnancy and labor and practice coping techniques to manage your birth without pain medications.
AMANI Birth is a program for educating women and supporting the decisions they make.
You can get more information from :

About Us

That one session changed my entire approach on birthing. I happened to meet some incredible moms who shared their experiences with me and by the end of 4 hours, I was totally convinced to a no -intervention natural birth! ( ofcourse Allah knows the best and it his His final call on what is best for you).

I owe to the amazing people I met who encouraged me to trust my body and let nature take control. Allhamdulliah I was sucessful in my attempt to have a smooth no epidural birth.

My biggest supports at that time were ofcourse my Mother in law who kept reciting duas for me , gave me dates to eat and zam zam to drink ..❤ my husband who kept cracking silly jokes while I was in a terrible pain. He even clicked pictures of my contraction chart and kept commenting on the machine systems in the room 😂 ( yes he’s an engineer ) , my own mom who was miles aways praying for me during her on going parent – teacher meeting ( work commitments) , and my sister who I call ‘bajiapa’ – now Nayel’s favourite khala- brought McDonalds for me and kept feeding me hash browns and orange juice so that I have energy 😂 ! Oh and I how can I forget my mamu who reached there as soon as he heard im the hospital. (Im sure he kept bribing the doctors to let him inside) 😂.

With all this – yes I successfully gave birth to Nayel. Allhamdulliah.

So here are a few things that helped me during my labour and might help some mommies to be:
– walk walk walk! No lying on the bed. Gravity helps!
– stay hydrated . You need a lot of energy for the marathon ahead! Dates and zam zam treats!
– keep reciting duas.. they help the most.
– breathing is the key! Deep breaths are what your pains hate the most. Do them!
– your oxytocin works best when you’re calm and relaxed. Remember thats the love hormone which is what is needed the most. (I asked the nurses to switch off the lights of the room and let my husband sit next to me).

As soon as you envelop your lil one in your arms that pain goes miles and miles away.

So its all worth it! Incredible isn’t it? Its such a miracle .. As I end this post I have a big smile on my face..
That day I graduated as a ‘mom’.


Here Nayel is some hours old.


Huzaifa’s take on my contractions! He was constantly reading them and telling me omg this one was huge! If you take this one I’m sure you can do the rest. And then soon there was a one which broke the graph😂🙈

4 thoughts on “My take on how -to -mom !

  1. Perfect piece of writing….doin an awesome job!!!!
    Ur blug toook me down the memory lane to the time when i was giving birth to my son Maraib….i can so relate to the feeling u have when u take ur little one in ur arms….Alhamdulilah


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