The beginning

OK. So after zillions of thoughts of what I should be doing in my life.. yes just to mention I had an amazing satisfying teaching career for the past 7-8 years as far as I can remember.. I can’t express how much I miss the classrooms, my planners , students , non stop teacher politics and the gossips it brings along! Haha – I sit on my bed writing this blog again ( I wrote an entire long one and deleted it by mistake 😭) ! Well– happens . You must be laughing lol so am I. That’s one of the things motherhood brings along. Nayel jumped on me and somehow the post got deleted. Its all apart of it.. So going back to my job – I am now a full time mommy to a 10 month old which is what I shall be writing about now.

This ones a major throw back to the wonderful 10 months ma sha Allah and beyond!

So it all began in Aug’15 , when Huzaifa and I found out that we are going to be parents soon! You’ll be thinking tht I’ll share the excitement haha. Yes that was a part tooo but what our initial thoughts were to sum up .. a countdown to dinner dates, late night drives , romantic candle scents , long nights of sleep and the list goes on!

My pregnancy was a travelogue! Thanks to Huzaifa’s work that he had to travel to the US and I hooked along! Haha I’m glad I went and saw a couple of states as now that uncle Trump’s here things seem pretty not ok.. nyws that I would call my babymoon! Fourth trimester.. good mood, packs of energy , feeling beautiful and positive! Hints and tip for mommies to be- use ur second trimester to definitely  have a trip somewhere- things will never ever be the same I assure u 😉
I thoroughly enjoyed our trip- Just to add a funny moment- we ended up being in LasVegas on the halloween night! Hahahah now this would seem so perfect to some of you – but for a mommy to be it was terrible! The smell of smoke, sight of weird costumes and an ambiance of craziness caused me a bad migraine – pregnancy 101. And in search of halal food we Ended up eating Nihari on the vegas strip🤣! That was the only good thing !
After returning from the US a week later , my baby to be and I went to the most peaceful place on earth- my mommy – #myLahore. That ultimate mom pampering and mama ka hath k khane was all I needed. Pregnancy is all about good food 😂The cherry on the cake was my surprize baby shower planned by my sisters, cousins and friends! Ahh thank u guys!

Time flew by and I was back to Dubai waiting for the little bundles arrival. My immense and intense readings and research on ‘what to expect’ and ‘baby center’ had all been done and dusted! I thought I’m fully prepared to be a mom! ( only thought😂) ! Finally, on the rainy filmy day – 1st April 2016.. after around 7 hours of labor, ( that is quick! ) I gave birth to a wide -eyed cotton candy -soft and the most beautiful baby – Nayel. Oh this trip down memory lane is still giving me goosebumps. And I guess it will always be the same 🙂

Nayel is an indirect Quranic name that means “brave”, “winner”. Nayel also means “share”, “what Allah gives to someone”. Nayel also means “accomplisher”, “acquirer”, “finder”. It is derived from the N-Y-L root which is used in many places in the Quran. And he already is reflecting all his name versions ma sha Allah!

So our romantic candle scents  shifted to baby powder ones , and our dinner dates to mostly take aways! Haha but its all worth it and with time things are going to be back again — with Nayel all grown up. In sha Allah. Times running.
Here was a not so short write up on how it all started and I shall be posting more about the what motherhood has brought me into and about.. hope you all enjoyed reading !
P.s – always save your drafts!

Here’s a lil gallery of Nayel 🙂


This one is a on my bday – a few days before Nayel arrived! That glow😍



Nayel’s first day at home💟


Nanijan doing some malish in sunlight


Nayel’s aqeeqa


Ahhh! My two fav men! Ma sha Allah


Daddy baby play time!


Nayel is very fond of his dada abu.


I love him so much

8 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. Beautiful blog! Cant wait to hear the unforgettable yet precious 10 month journey. I am sure it will be super helpful for the new moms 😘😃


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