My Hajj Kahani – part 5

Nights were hard for baita. For 17 days- he cried- he was upset. He wanted to sleep on my arm- hug me —He often got dada’s car keys and asked them to take him to Nayel home. Meanwhile at Hajj, no one told us these details. The 5 tough days began. We got into Ahrams... Continue Reading →

My Hajj Kahani – part 4

My Hajj Kahani - Part 4 After Umrah, we were moved to a place called Aziziya for 4 days. Aziziya is just like Sharjah, imagine Makkah to be Dubai. Each company has their building or hotel where their people stay. It was very convenient as it’s closer to Mina so during Hajj days, we could... Continue Reading →

My Hajj Kahani – part 3

#myhajjkahani - 3. This one is just a reflection post before I go into details of what happened next. One must be thinking that why am I sharing my journey in detail. There are 2reasons for it- 1- for my ownself- I want to have it written somewhere so I can refresh it again and... Continue Reading →

My Hajj Kahani – part 2

My Hajj Kahani - Part 2. We were in Dubai, mama in Lahore and the package we chose plans and runs from Karachi. Alhamdullilah once we initiated, Allah helped each step to go forward. We have a general concept of going for Hajj in old age. Even if we can afford, we plan it for... Continue Reading →

My Hajj Kahani – Part 1

My Hajj Kahani - Part 1 . Every year we had a family tradition of visiting a new country. Alhamdullilah we’ve been to beautiful places until a year ago Baita’s dada abu sat us all down and emphasized on how important Hajj is. The idea being that if we can save and spend traveling around,... Continue Reading →

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